Flower Girl Names 

The naming of flowers has ancient roots – In ancient Greece, a flower was named after a young maiden named Chloris, who was said to have been turned into a flower by the Greek god Zeus. This name still carries with it a certain romanticism and charm when it’s used as a flower girl name today. Flower girl names often reference classic stories and literature, as well as classic botanical words and phrases, making them a lovely and timeless choice for a little girl’s name.

Flower Girl Names and Their Meanings 

A gorgeous way to find the perfect name for your daughter is to look at names that incorporate, or are inspired by, the names of flowers. Here are just a few of the possibilities that floral-inspired names offer.

  1. Violet: This name is derived from the Latin word, “viola”, which means “violet-colored flower”. It carries a sweet and gentle sentiment.

  2. Marigold: This name is a combination of two Old English words, “mere”, meaning “sea” and “gold”, which refers to the bright yellow blossom of the marigold. The flower itself is named in honor of the Virgin Mary and is considered a symbol of love, grace, and generosity.

  3. Daisy: This name is derived from an Old English word, “dægeseage”, meaning “day’s eye”. It’s a charming and lighthearted name for a little girl, as most daisies bring a cheerful and sunny feeling wherever they’re found.

  4. Rose: This name comes from the Latin word “rosa” and is an enduringly beloved name, thanks to the beauty of the flower itself as well as the symbolism of love and beauty behind it.

  5. Willow: This word is of Old English origin and comes from the word “weylewa”, meaning “willow tree”. It was a popular name for girls in English literature, and has a hint of graceful strength and agility to it.

  6. Lily: This name comes from the Latin word “lilium” and has a distinguished, elegant feel to it. The lily has long been used to symbolize innocence, purity, and peace.

  7. Poppy: This meaningful name is related to the Latin word “papaver” and is often used to represent courage and remembrance.

Nature-Inspired Flower Girl Names 

In addition to names that are based on flowers themselves, another wonderful option is nature-inspired flower girl names. These names reference attributes of the natural world, such as colors, season, and animals, and they’re just as beautiful as those that refer to flowers!

  1. Summer: This is a sunshiney, optimistic name that references the warmest and most delightful season of the year.

  2. Iris: This beautiful name is derived from the Greek word “iris”, meaning “rainbow”, and carries a very noble and regal feeling.

  3. Birdie: This sweet and nature-inspired name was inspired by the cheerful chirping of birds.

  4. Fox: Although it has its own distinctness, this woodland-inspired name also has a certain whimsical charm to it.

  5. Sky: This name calls to mind the vast expanse of the sky and all its beauty, and it also has a nice simplicity to it.

  6. Meadow: This nature-inspired name is an evocative reminder of the beauty and peace of the meadows that fill our natural world.

  7. Apple: This unique name brings to mind the gorgeous colors and sweet taste of the apple fruit.

Romantic Flower Girl Names 

Many of the flower girl names that are passed down through the ages have a certain air of romance and timelessness to them. Here are just some of the most romantic of these flower girl names:

  1. Aurora: This name is derived from the Latin word for “dawn” and carries with it a certain regal and magical air.

  2. Gardenia: This attractive and evocative name is inspired by the flower of the same name, which is considered a symbol of joy and purity.

  3. Flora: This timeless name is derived from the Latin word “flos” and is associated with the Roman goddess of flowers.

  4. Magnolia: This botanical name is inspired by the name of the flower, and brings to mind the large, fragrant white blossoms of the magnolia tree.

  5. Camellia: This beautiful name is inspired by the flower of the same name, which is known for its delicate beauty.

  6. Petal: This sweet, delicate name is inspired by the soft and beautiful petals of the flowers, and has its own unique charm.

  7. Isla: This lovely name is related to the Spanish word for “island” and has a calming and romantic quality to it.

Gender-Neutral Flower Girl Names 

There is a growing trend towards gender-neutral names in recent years. Here are some gender-neutral flower girl names to consider:

  1. Blossom: This name is derived from the Old English word “blostma”, meaning “to bloom”.

  2. Rowan: This name is related to the family of trees with pink, white, and yellow flowers, and is perfect for a more gender-neutral look.

  3. Sage: This name is derived from an Old French word meaning “wise”, and is a lovely name for any gender, as well as a reminder of the wise old sage who dispensed wisdom throughout many a fable.

  4. Clover: Clovers are a classic symbol of luck and good fortune and make a perfect gender-neutral flower girl name!

  5. Hazel: This name comes from an Old English term, “haesel”, and is related to the hazelnut tree.

  6. Marley: This name is derived from Old English and means “horse meadow”. It has a cheerful, pastoral feel and is a delightful gender-neutral choice.

  7. Aspen: This gender-neutral name is reminiscent of the tall and stately aspen tree, and it has a modern yet timeless appeal.

When it comes to picking a flower girl name, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Whether you’re inspired by the beauty of flowers themselves, or you prefer something nature-inspired and gender-neutral, you can find the perfect name for your special little girl. And, since flower names are timeless, you can be sure that your daughter will have a name that will hold up well throughout the many seasons and years ahead.

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