Kyle Baugher: Professional Musician and Educator  

Kyle Baugher is an incredibly talented and versatile musician, songwriter, and producer who has been a part of the music scene since the late 80s. Among the numerous musical genres he has been involved with, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are some of his greatest accomplishments. As a masterful musician and educator, Kyle Baugher has been influencing generations of aspiring and established music professionals in recent years with his passionate dedication to mastering and crafting top-notch compositions.


Kyle Baugher first became well-known as a live performance artist in the 1990s. He became known for his contagious funk style and virtuoso musicianship, leading to performances at international festivals, jam sessions, and top venues all over North America. His current music portfolio includes a variety of genres such as jazz, hip-hop, and funk, as well as more modern electronica styles.

Throughout Kyle’s career, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. His projects range from studio recordings to live performances, from works with prominent jazz musicians such as Chuck Brown and Roy Ayers to collaborations with hip-hop acts such as Mos Def and Biggie Smalls. Kyle has also lent his musical talents to various Hollywood films, television shows, and advertisements.

Academic Credentials  

Kyle’s academic credentials are an important part of his success. He has a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from the prestigious UCLA Music program, as well as graduate programs spanning music production, songwriting, and recording at many colleges and universities.

In addition to academics, Kyle has consistently been lauded for his dedication to educating the coming generations of music professionals. He has taken a special interest in helping aspiring musicians develop the technical and compositional skills necessary to become successful in the ever-changing musical industry.

Key Live Performance Projects  

For close to three decades now, Kyle has been an active live performance artist and performer. Here are some of Kyle’s most acclaimed live performance projects to date:

Funk Ambassadors

In the late 90’s, Kyle took his talented band of funk musicians on tour all over the U.S., playing various festivals, club dates, and concert halls. Their live performances earned them a reputation for their powerful energy and soulful grooves, as well as respect from other established funk masters such as Bootsy Collins and Kool & the Gang.

Kyle Baugher All-Star Band

After the success of the Funk Ambassadors, Kyle brought together some of the top jazz, funk, and hip-hop musicians from around the world in what he calls the Kyle Baugher All-Star Band. Considered by many to be the definitive live rhythm section, they have toured and performed in music festivals and popular venues in Asia and Europe.

Jazz Compositions  

Kyle’s jazz compositions have become some of his most widely praised artistry. He has released seven consecutive instrumental jazz albums between the years of 2001 and 2015. His fusion of traditional and modern jazz styles have been recognized by jazz authorities, earning him high praise in the jazz circles.

Recording Projects  

Besides live performance work, Kyle is also well-known in the music recording industry. He has produced and recorded numerous projects, as well as having made some of his own songs and EPs.
Note: Some of his latest recording work includes:

As a producer:

•Coco Banditos – Juice (2016)
•Rueben Reuven – Reef Rock (2017)
•Project Funksta – Big Time (2018)

As an artist:

•Kyle Baugher – Jazz Odyssey (2018)
•Kyle Baugher – Funk Dip (2019)
•Kyle Baugher – Feel My Vibe (2019)

Educational Contributions  

As one of the most sought after music educators in the U.S., Kyle has been teaching music theory, composition, and production since the early 2000s. He has been a regular lecturer at institutions such as USC, Berkeley College of Music, and UCLA. Kyle has also created several acclaimed online courses on improvisation, arrangers, and performative jazz.

In 2010, he founded, The Baugher Institute of Music, a series of immersive workshops teaching students the basics of improvisation, songwriting, and producing. These workshops have become very popular in the West Coast and have earned Kyle even more industry recognition.

Awards and Accolades  

Throughout his prolific career, Kyle has received several awards, including the prestigious 2017 “Vocalist of the Year” from the International Association of Jazz Educators. He was also awarded the Impact Award by The People’s Music Awards in 2018 for his work as a mentor and educator.

Musical Style  

Kyle’s style exploits a wide variety of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and modern electronica styles. His use of melodic and harmonic richness along with a wide variety of grooves and textures allows him to create music that’s soulful and infectious.

Kyle Baugher is a much-respected and highly sought-after musician and educator. Not only is he an incredible live performer, he is a master composer, producer, and music educator. Possessing cerebral music theory, a vast knowledge of musical history, and cutting-edge production skills, he has and continues to influence generations of aspiring and established musicians in recent years with his passionate dedication to mastering and crafting top-notch compositions.

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