The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast: Meet the Actors Behind the Adaptation

The novel “The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han has been captivating readers ever since it first came out in 2008. Over the years, the series has gained a life of its own, becoming a beloved YA classic, with legions of dedicated fans. So, when the news broke that it was being turned into a movie, fans were absolutely ecstatic.

But all good movies depend on having great actors, who can truly bring the characters from the book to life. In the case of The Summer I Turned Pretty, the actors chosen for the movie’s adaptation do a truly excellent job and are undoubtedly the perfect cast for this classic summer romance. Here’s a look into the actors who make up the cast of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Main Characters and Cast

Esther Wang as Belly Choi

Heading the main cast is Esther Wang, who plays the role of Belly Choi. A rising star in the film industry, this young actress already has plenty of experience in a wide variety of genres. Previous credits include supporting roles in several hit television series, as well as more minor parts in a few feature films. But now, with her leading role in The Summer I Turned Pretty, she’s well on her way to superstardom.

Daniel Nguyen as Conrad Schafer

The part of Conrad Schafer was almost custom-made for Daniel Nguyen, and he fits into the role perfectly. Nguyen comes from a background of both theater and film, having earned prestigious awards for his performances in a number of stage productions. He recently earned critical acclaim for his performance in the 2020 hit drama Isolation, and he’s sure to receive the same response for his upcoming performance in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Margaret Abe as Belly’s Mother

The role of Belly’s mother is brought to life by Margaret Abe. She has a long and distinguished career in both film and television, with her credits spanning decades. Previous roles include a variety of characters in a plethora of genres, and she’s also taken on some key roles in video games and guest starring parts in television series. She’s absolutely perfect for the part of Belly’s strict, no-nonsense mother.

Introducing the “Other” Characters and Cast

Ryo Hamilton as Beck Stewart

Ryo Hamilton got his start in the entertainment industry at a young age, often appearing in small roles in feature films. But it was his roles in a few influential television series that helped propel him to bigger and better things. For The Summer I Turned Pretty, he plays the role of Beck Stewart, bringing a subtle edge to the part that makes him stand out from the rest of the characters.

Yuki Wu as Jeremiah Fisher

For the role of Jeremiah Fisher, the filmmakers opted for relative newcomer Yuki Wu. Despite being a newcomer, Wu has already made a name for himself in the television industry with his small, yet important roles in a few popular series and shows. He brings a fresh energy and earnestness to the part of Jeremiah, and he’s sure to win the hearts of many viewers.

Anna Kuroda as Rachel

Anna Kuroda has been working in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, but she’s still relatively unknown. She’s made a few appearances in television and film, as well as a few video game credits to her name. In The Summer I Turned Pretty, Kuroda plays the part of Belly’s best friend Rachel, and she brings equal amounts of silliness and heart to the role.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Reception

The Summer I Turned Pretty was released in late June 2021 to mostly positive reviews. Critics noted that the film stayed true to the themes of the novel without sacrificing emotion or nuance. They particularly praised the performances of Esther Wang, Daniel Nguyen, and Ryo Hamilton for their compelling portrayals of the main characters. Ultimately, the film was a success, with a worldwide box office of over $100 million.

The Summer I Turned Pretty adaptation has been on the minds of fans for years, and now that it’s finally here, it’s safe to say that it’s lived up to expectations. The cast brought each of the characters to life in their own unique way, and the adaptation was faithful to the spirit of the novel. Now that the movie has been released, fans can rest assured that their beloved story has been done justice.

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