7 Different Types of Dragon Names

Dragons have existed as incredible creatures of mythical beauty and power in the minds of humans throughout history. Every culture has different interpretations of what they look like and what they can do, but they are generally thought of as deep, mysterious, powerful, and a source of both awe and fear. Names for dragons can come from various sources, depending on the culture and era, and there are multiple types you might choose to give your dragon if you decide to create one.

I. Ancient Names That Take You Back To The Past

One of the most popular kinds of names to use for dragons come from the lost age of medieval Europe. Names such as Smaug, Draco, Wyvern, or Tiamat were found in classic tales that were spoken or written in times long since past. These names bring a sense of subtle power and intrigue, and many of them have a sense of foreboding and darkness that makes for the perfect name for a dragon.

A. Smaug

B. Draco

C. Wyvern
D. Tiamat

II. Traditional Folkloric Names

Tales from folklore also provide inspiring dragon names. These names evoke both the mysteries of long-ago places and times as well as the marvelous creatures of legend and wonder. Kagutsuchi, Bahamut, Jormungandr, and Yofune-Nushiare just a few examples of the names collected from ancient stories of the past. Names like this bring a sense of the unknown and immortal power to your dragon’s persona.

A. Kagutsuchi
B. Bahamut
C. Jormungandr
D. Yofune-Nushi

III. Japanese Dragon Names

In Japan, dragons are a source of power and luck, often appearing in heraldic images and tattoos. Names to choose from include Ryujin, Ryuju, Midorin, and Shenlong. These names emphasize the spiritual power and strength of the dragon, and many of them invoke the mysterious and profound power of the sea.

A. Ryujin
B. Ryuju
C. Midorin
D. Shenlong

IV. Welsh Dragon Names

The Welsh story of Welsh red dragons is an enduring tale that still inspires the land to this day. Names like Anwyl, Cynfyr, and Llynfi are inspired by the culture, land, and folklore of the Welsh people. These names will bring a sense of heritage and strong Celtic legacy to your dragon and can evoke a sense of timelessness.

A. Anwyl
B. Cynfyr
C. Llynfi

V. Chinese Dragon Names

The Chinese culture is full of intricate tales about dragons that are both mystical and ancient. Names like Feng, Huo, and Cyan can be used to invoke the spirits of these gorgeous creatures. Unique Chinese characters for each name are the perfect way to honor the powerful dragons of ancient Chinese legend.

A. Feng
B. Huo
C. Cyan

VI. Norse Dragon Names

The Norse cultures are famous for their epic tales of courage and power. Names like Mótsognir, Fafnir, Beast, and Nídhöggr are a few of the most popular. These names bring to mind the massive, powerful dragons that come from the stories of the Norse sagas.

A. Mótsognir
B. Fafnir
C. Beast
D. Nídhöggr

VII. Germanic Dragon Names

The Germanic peoples have their own unique way of interpreting dragons. Names like LookThat, GreaseStick, GlitterScale, and BroomStraw are all inspired by the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the Germanic cultures. These types of names are full of crafty imagery and can be used to bring a sense of mystery and magic to your dragon.

A. LookThat
B. GreaseStick
C. GlitterScale
D. BroomStraw

Which Dragon Name is Right for You?

If you’re in the process of deciding what name to give your dragon, you should consider the type of creature you’re creating and the kind of power or legacy you want it to embody. It might be a good idea to research different cultures and the traditions surrounding dragons in each of them to find the perfect name. Names like these can be a great source of inspiration and can bring a unique addition to your dragon’s backstory and persona.

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