Dutch Bros Coffee Menu  

Dutch Bros Coffee is an award-winning gourmet coffee shop chain that has been providing an affordable, high-quality coffee experience since its inception in 1992. Founded in Southern California, Dutch Bros. Coffee has grown to become one of the most popular coffee retailers in the United States, with over 600 cafes spread throughout the western United States and a number of locations in other countries as well. Dutch Bros. is known for its extensive menu of espresso drinks, flavored coffee, smoothies, and more. In this article, we will take a look at the coffee menu of Dutch Bros., as well as what sets it apart from other coffee shops.

What Makes Dutch Bros Coffee Unique?   

At Dutch Bros. Coffee, customers are able to customize their beverages more than at most coffee shops. Customers can choose from a wide range of flavored syrups and add-ins, including everything from bubble gum to hazelnut to mocha. Dutch Bros. also offers a huge selection of espresso-based drinks, including lattes, cappuccino, macchiatos, and more. To top it off, Dutch Bros. Coffee is well known for its friendly staff and excellent customer service.

A Deeper Look at Dutch Bros Coffee Menu   

Dutch Bros offers something for everyone. Here’s a look at all of the items on the Dutch Bros. Coffee menu:

Espresso Drinks:
Dutch Bros boasts an extensive list of espresso drinks perfect for any coffee lover’s taste. The menu includes lattes, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, and americano drinks, as well as flavored lattes, cold brews, and decaffeinated options. Customers also have the option to customize their drinks with a variety of flavored syrups, creamers, and add-ins.

Smoothies: For customers looking for something a bit more refreshing, Dutch Bros. serves a wide selection of smoothies. Their menu includes both classic smoothies, such as strawberry and banana, as well as other specialty smoothies such as mango-passionfruit, coconut-pineapple, and more. All of their smoothies are made with their signature espresso blend and real fruit.

Cold Brews:
For those who don’t have time to linger at a coffee shop, Dutch Bros. also offers cold brews. Their cold brews include classic black coffee, flavored coffees, and nitro cold brews.

Frappes: Dutch Bros also offers a wide selection of Frappes, which are blended ice drinks. These include classic frappes, such as caramel and mocha, as well as more adventurous flavors such as peanut butter mocha, horchata, and cookie dough.

Food Options   

On top of the usual coffee options, Dutch Bros also offers a selection of food items. The menu includes breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, parfaits, muffins, bagels, and other breakfast items. Customers can also indulge in a sweet treat with desserts like cookies, brownies and several flavors of soft-serve ice cream.

Other Beverages   

In addition to the classic coffee drinks, Dutch Bros. also features a variety of other beverages, such as fruit tea, hot chocolate and chai tea.

Sizes and Prices   

Dutch Bros offers three different sizes for their drinks: small, medium and large. Prices vary slightly depending on the location, but generally range from $2.00 to $5.00.

As you can see, Dutch Bros. Coffee offers an expansive menu of coffee drinks, smoothies, frappes, and other beverages, as well as a selection of breakfast items and desserts. With its diverse and customizable menu, Dutch Bros. is ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable, and unique coffee experience.

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