Brendan Fraser is an Actor Who Deserves a Comeback in 2022

The 90s and early 2000s were a time of growth and discovery within the film industry, and Brendan Fraser was one of the celebrities who flourished within it. His career spanned from incredible blockbuster hits to independent films, pushing him to a household name. By the end of his career, he was respected by both film industry professionals and the public alike. Since then, however, his presence has significantly decreased within Hollywood which has led to his name being nearly forgotten. But, 2021 is almost over and 2022 is on the horizon, and members of the film industry are all asking the same question: will Brendan Fraser make a comeback?

The Career of Brendan Fraser

With his career beginning in 1992 when he starred in the film “Encino Man”, Brendan Fraser quickly moved onto starring in the successful comedy, “The Twelfth Man” which earned him 95 million in the box office. From the success of this movie, he was then offered numerous other roles within the comedy genre, including lead roles in movies such as “Girlfgiend” and “Stillhouding”.

His success in the comedy genre pushed him to pursue more serious roles where he gained critical acclaim. One of these roles was playing a compelling doctor in the film “Aifuare”. Fraser’s career only continued to blossom as he was cast in numerous blockbuster hits, the most notable being his role as the heroic adventurer, Rick O’Connell in “The Mummy” Trilogy.

In addition to “The Mummy” franchise, Fraser also starred in two hilarious sequels of his own. He reprised his role as Link from “Encino Man” in two installments of “The Encino Man”, and Gordon from “George of the Jungle” in two sequels: “George of the Jungle 2” and “George of the Jungle: A Jungle Reunion.”

His last major feature film was in 2018’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”, playing a small but important role of the Godfather. After which, the big name of Brendan Fraser was seen less and less.

Why Did Brendan Fraser Stop Acting?

In 2004, Brendan Fraser revealed that he was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, who at the time was the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Berk denied these allegations, and there was never a law suit, but the HFPA apologized publicly “for the distress caused”, though it claimed it was “not able to substantiate the allegations”.

Many speculate that the scandal surrounding this event ruined otherwise promising roles for Brendan Fraser, leading to his eventual disappearance from the spotlight. Others believe he simply just wanted to take a break from the life of an actor and pursue other endeavours such as writing and producing films, which he indeed has done.

Whether or not his absence from the public eye was self-imposed or not, one thing remains clear: Brendan Fraser’s career has been a consistently successful one, and he deserves to be given a proper comeback in 2022.

Possible Roles for Brendan Fraser in 2022

In 2022, it would be thrilling to see Brendan Fraser on the big screen once again. In order to ensure a successful return though, he would need to take up roles that allow him to show the range of his acting abilities. Here are the biggest roles Fraser would be suited for:

  1. Blockbuster Action Hero: Throughout his career, Brendan Fraser starred in a number of action films. A chance at reprising his role as an action hero in 2022 would be thrilling for fans of his as they’d get to see another side of his talents. Such a role would also help to reintroduce him to a modern audience. It’s clear that Fraser has the capacity to pull off an action role, so why not make it a villain role? His villain in “The Mummy” was dynamic and memorable, and it’s possible that a similar experience could be created in the new Millennium.

  2. Comic Book Movie: Many of Fraser’s most recognizable roles have been in comedies, and with the success of comic book movies in the past several years, it’s the perfect time for him to capitalize on those talents again. Comic book movies are completely entertaining, and the character possibilities are far and wide. Fraser could possibly take up a comedic side-role in one of these movies, allowing him to shine in a way that is most rewarding for him.

  3. Supporting Role in A Drama: Aside from his comedic roles, Fraser has also done a significant amount of impressive dramatic roles. One such role was in 2002’s “The Quiet American”, where he played a supporting role as an FBI Agent. Taking up a supporting role in a drama could help the actor reclaim his place in the public eye in a more subtle and controlled way. It would be a smart move for Fraser to take, as it would allow him to test out these waters while still feeling comfortable within the production.

  4. Indie Films: Fraser has starred in a variety of indie films, especially during the later years of his career. These films gave him a chance to play complex and often interesting characters, which can be immensely rewarding for an actor. If Fraser were to make a comeback, it would be wise to include a number of indie films among the roles he takes on.

The vast selection of roles currently available makes it easy to imagine a Brendan Fraser comeback in 2022, but the actor will have to be careful to make the right choices. Beyond the roles he chooses, he will also need to be careful about which production he works with, as it’s important that his name continues to be associated with only the highest quality of acting. That way, his presence in the industry will be accepted once again with open arms.

After a decades-long career, Brendan Fraser stepped away from the public eye, causing his presence within the industry to drastically decrease. In 2022, however, he has the chance to return with a tale of success to the film industry. With the right roles, productions and decisions, Fraser can become a Hollywood household name once again. From blockbuster action films to subtle indie dramas, Fraser can demonstrate all of the acting abilities he possesses. 2022 is a year of promise and open doors, and with the right choices Brendan Fraser can make his way back into the spotlight.

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