Would You Rather Questions for Adults

Would you rather questions are some of the best icebreakers when it comes to bringing out your friends’ wildest desires and innermost thoughts. It’s a way to dive into the depths of discussion, getting to know people, and spices up any awkward circumstances.

For adults, these questions can get even more interesting. Below is a list of some of the most intriguing would you rather questions for adults.

Questions About Work

Would you rather:

  1. Work a boring 9-5 job and make a good amount or have a job you love with very little pay?

  2. Have to wear a strict dress code even if you didn’t like it or wear whatever you wanted to work even if it was very distracting?

  3. Have your boss micromanage you or have them give you a lot of freedom with very little guidance?

  4. Take a lot of time off as needed or have a paid vacation each year?

  5. Lead a team or have a solo career?

  6. Work from home or in an office?

  7. Stay in your current job, even if you don’t love it, or move on to something completely new and unfamiliar?

Questions About Family and Friends

Would you rather:

  1. Spend a holiday with your family or with your friends?

  2. Be able to fly with your family or to drive with them?

  3. Have a close relationship with your siblings or with your parents?

  4. Go to a family reunion or to a family wedding?

  5. Spend time with an old friend or with a new one?

  6. Have a long-distance relationship or have a close one?

  7. Meet a lifelong friend or be reunited with a childhood one?

Questions About Love and Relationships

Would you rather:

  1. Stay in a committed relationship or have casual dating partners?

  2. Have a long-distance relationship or one that’s always close by?

  3. Have a heart-to-heart relationship or one more based on physical attraction?

  4. Go on a wild adventure with your partner or stay at home and watch movies?

  5. Be able to talk about anything with your partner or never discuss the tough stuff?

  6. Be single and with a close circle of friends or have a steady relationship with someone?

  7. Have a few close friends or a few close lovers?

Questions About Life and Decisions

Would you rather:

  1. Pursue your dreams or stay safe and secure in a familiar position?

  2. Live in the city or live in the countryside?

  3. Follow a traditional path or blaze your own trail?

  4. Do something you like but that doesn’t pay well or something you don’t like but that pays well?

  5. Be content with your life decisions or always second-guess yourself?

  6. Be surprised by life or be able to predict the future?

  7. Take risks or play it safe?

  8. Spend all your money on experiences or save for the future?

Questions About Lifestyle

Would you rather:

  1. Go on a luxurious holiday or spend time at home?

  2. Sleep late or get up early?

  3. Make an effort to look good or wear whatever you feel like?

  4. Tidy up your house or not?

  5. Play video games or go out with friends?

  6. Splurge on something you don’t really need or save your money?

  7. Have a garden or read a book?

  8. Spend time alone or with others?

Questions About Hobbies

Would you rather:

  1. Take up a new hobby or stick with the ones you already have?

  2. Spend a day at the beach or stay in the mountains?

  3. Go fishing or go bowling?

  4. Take a road trip or plan a weekend getaway?

  5. Paint or dance?

  6. Attend a music festival or a yoga retreat?

  7. Cook a meal from scratch or go out to dinner?

Would you rather questions are great for finding out what’s important to your adult friends and also for sparking thoughtful and meaningful conversations. So if your next get-together needs some life, challenge your friends with some of the above questions and watch their reactions. Do any of their answers surprise you?

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