French Girl Names 

French girl names are becoming increasingly popular among parents from all over the world looking for exotic, yet meaningful, names for their daughters. Whether you’re looking for a name that will stand out from your home country or something that ties in with your French heritage, you’ll be able to find something to suit your tastes in French girl names. Check out our list of French girl names below, as well as some tips to help you find the perfect name for your little girl.

History and Origin of French Girl Names

French girl names trace their origins back to the 5th century BC, when the Franks moved into what is now France. Over the centuries, a number of French-language names have been adopted from other languages, such as German, Spanish, and Latin. Many French names have also been influenced by the Bible and French literature, making them even more interesting.

The Most Popular French Girl Names

French names have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years, likely due to their timeless elegance and romantic connotations. Here are some of the most popular French girl names today:

• Elise – derived from Hebrew, meaning “God is my oath”
• Claire – derived from Latin, meaning “bright”
• Marie – derived from Latin, meaning “sea of bitterness”
• Juliette – derived from Latin, meaning “youthful”
• Sophie – derived from Greek, meaning “wisdom”
• Charlotte – derived from French, meaning “petite”
• Camille – derived from Latin, meaning “perfection”

Popular French Girl Names From Literature

French literature has been a source of inspiration for names in France and across the world. Here are some of the most popular girl names that come from literature:

• Céline – from Françoise Sagan’s novella, Le petit Prince
• Colette – from the novel of the same name by Colette
• Emma – from the novel by Gustave Flaubert
• Delphine – from the novel Delphine by Germaine de Staël
• Florentine – from the novel Florentine by Anatole France
• Louise – from the novel Mademoiselle de Maupin by Theophile Gautier
• Félicité – from the novel La Vie de Marianne by Pierre de Marivaux

Names With Unique Meanings

If you’re looking to give your daughter a unique name with an interesting meaning, check out these ones with French origins:

• Ambre – derived from French, meaning “amber”
• Coumba – derived from African, meaning “there is hope”
• Joelle – derived from Hebrew, meaning “God is willing”
• Meshene – derived from French, meaning “most beautiful”
• Noelle – derived from French, meaning “Christmas”
• Odette – derived from French, meaning “wealthy”
• Wishana – derived from French, meaning “hope”

Royal French Girl Names

One way to give your daughter a unique name is to make it a royal name. Here are some popular regal French names:

• Adélaïde – derived from Old German, meaning “noble”
• Bertrade – derived from Old German, meaning “bright counsel”
• Clotilde – derived from Old German, meaning “famous in battle”
• Isabelle – derived from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
• Joséphine – derived from Hebrew, meaning “God will add”
• Marie-Antoinette – derived from Latin, meaning “against all odds”
• Victoire – derived from Latin, meaning “conqueror”

Tips for Choosing The Perfect French Girl Name

When choosing a French girl name, there are several factors to consider, such as the meaning of the name, the origin of the name, and its sound. Here are some other tips to help you find the perfect name for your daughter:

• Seek advice from relatives – Many families have passed down French names from generation to generation. If you have French relatives, you may be able to get some advice from them.
• Avoid names that are too common – If you don’t want your daughter’s name to be too similar to other children’s in her school, then avoid popular French names.
• Use your imagination – If you want your daughter to have a unique name, get creative with the way you spell it. For example, you could spell the name “Elise” as “Elysse”.
• Consider nicknames – Nicknames are often used in France, so when choosing a name, consider what sort of nickname it would have.

When looking for the perfect French girl name for your daughter, there are plenty of options to choose from. French names are timeless, elegant, and often have interesting meanings and deep historical roots. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something unusual, we hope our list of French girl names and tips helps you find the right one.

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