What to Do When Bored: 30 Fun and Exciting Activities

When you find yourself with nothing to do, boredom can often feel like the enemy. To combat the boredom blues, try any one of these 30 activities to get the creative juices flowing, find a moment of relaxation, and make the most of your free time.

  1. Clean Your Room

When you don’t know what else to do, it’s time to take on the often dreaded task of cleaning your room. Spend some time tidying everything up, putting away clothes, straightening desk items, and making your space a clean and calm environment.

  1. Read A Book

Grab a few books on that reading list and curl up with a cozy blanket to tackle one of them. Whether it’s an old classic or a new favorite, immersing yourself in a good story is a great way to get lost in your own thoughts for a while.

  1. Write In A Journal

The act of writing can be very cathartic. Journaling can help you gain clarity and perspective on things that are troubling you, allowing you to work through them, or just to empty your mind of them. Write down your thoughts, your dreams, and any other random musings that come to mind.

  1. Take Up A Craft

Things like crochet, drawing, woodworking, and painting can provide hours of fun and fulfillment. If you’re feeling creative, start a craft project and turn it into a piece of art or home decoration.

  1. Organize A Photo Album

Organizing the photos on your phone or camera is a great way to sort through memories and relive them in an organized way. Print out your favorites and create a scrapbook or photo album and write down memories associated with the photos.

  1. Bake Something Delicious

Activities like baking are great for when you’re feeling bored. Look up a recipe and try a new bake or even elevate an old favorite recipe. Whether it’s a tray of brownies or your grandma’s famous cookies, creating something from scratch is a great way to give yourself something to do.

  1. Do Yoga

Yoga can help clear your mind and center you in your body. Do a few way stretches, get into some more challenging poses, and even find a yoga video online to deepen your practice.

  1. Create A Self-Care Routine

Take some time to focus on yourself and how you’re feeling. Create a self-care routine that is geared toward making you feel relaxed and happy. Fill the routine with activities that help you de-stress and keep your mind off of feeling bored.

  1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Give your space a makeover with a redecorating project. Move around the furniture in your room, bring something from another space, or even go through your belongings and get rid of some things.

  1. Set Goals

Take some time to think about where you’ve been and where you want to go. Keeping a list of goals for the future can help keep you motivated and help you get the most out of your time and energy so you don’t end up getting bored.

  1. Do Puzzles

Bring out the puzzles and pieces to piece together something fun and exciting. You can even grab a few jigsaw puzzles or sudoku puzzle books for a bit of a brain challenge.

  1. Take On A DIY Project

Gather supplies and try your hand at a new DIY project. You can put together a jewelry organizer, create wall art, even construct shelves or a shoe rack.

  1. Reach Out To Someone You Haven’t Talked To In A While

Boredom can be a great reason to catch up with an old friend. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, ask how they’ve been doing, and reminisce about old times.

  1. Color

Color in a coloring book or just grab some paper and let your imagination run wild with colored pencils, markers, pens, or pastels. Coloring can help bring your inner artist out and provide a moment of relaxation.

  1. Take a Nap

If your home is peaceful and quiet, a nap can be a refreshing way to spend a few minutes. Set a timer so you don’t sleep too long, and drift away knowing that you can tackle all your boredom issues with a good rest.

  1. Have a Picnic

Having a picnic can also be a great way to spend some time and turn your boredom into something fun and even romantic. Grab a blanket, a picnic basket, and a few snacks or even a full meal and head out to a park, the beach, or any other outdoor space.

  1. Play a Musical Instrument

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, playing an instrument can provide a great feeling of accomplishment. Play along to your favorite songs, or compose a set of notes to create something totally new.

  1. Learn a New Language

Use your boredom time as a way to sharpen up your foreign language skills. You can find countless apps, websites, and podcasts dedicated to helping people learn new languages.

  1. Take A Hike

Get some fresh air and put on some comfortable shoes and take a peaceful and scenic hike. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature around you and get your heart pumping while tackling those boredom issues.

  1. Put Together A Scrapbook

Gather old school photos, letters, diary entries, and any other special items that you want to preserve in a scrapbook. Spend some time bringing it all together, add a bit of glue, a few stickers, and turn your boredom into a creative memory filled project.

  1. Play Cards

Grab a deck of cards, or better yet, a few friends and family members, and engage in a game of cards. Whatever game you may choose, a few rounds of cards can easily help pass the time.

  1. Enjoy Nature

Find some time to simply sit and enjoy nature. Find a spot near a lake, river, forest, or a park and just observe what’s around you. You don’t even have to actively do anything. Just sit and give yourself a chance to breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the beauty of nature.

  1. Have A Movie Marathon

Grab your favorite snacks and a few friends and settle in for the night with some movie favorites. Spend a few hours watching old classics, or new releases, and feel the boredom drift away.

  1. Go Shopping

Take a stroll around the mall and browse around for your favorite items. Whether you’re in the market for something new or just browsing around, it’s a great way to fill a few hours and take your mind off the boredom.

  1. Learn Something New

Take the opportunity to fill your head with interesting new knowledge. There are so many different ways to learn something new, from the Internet to a few coffee dates with some experts in the field. Take a class or watch a few tutorials for a fun way to learn about a new topic.

  1. Take Up Gardening

Gardening can provide a great way to connect with nature. Whether you have a huge backyard or just a few pots in a windowbox, it’s a great way to grow fresh greens, flowers, and herbs.

  1. Go Out With Friends

Nothing beats spending time with friends. Put on a cute outfit and grab a few friends and take your pick of things to do. Go to a restaurant, try something new, watch the stars, go out dancing, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Spend Time With Family

If you’re feeling bored and don’t know what to do, it could be the perfect time to take a short drive and spend some quality time with your family. After all, there’s no bond quite like family and they’re always there to lend you a listening ear and brighten your day.

  1. Do Some Art Journaling

Art journaling can provide an insight into your thoughts and feelings. Put on some music and let yourself enjoy a few moments of artistic expression. Even if you don’t have any real artistic ability, art journaling can be a great way to embrace your doodles and be proud of what you produce.

  1. Have A Dance Party

Turn up the music, clear some space in your living room and let loose. Put on your favorite jams and let go of your worries and have a dance party for one. Or even better, grab a few friends and turn it into a full-blown dance party.

When boredom strikes, don’t despair. Taking on a creative project, spending quality time with loved ones, learning something new, connecting with nature, and tapping into your inner artist can fill the time with meaningful activities and turn those boredom blues into a positive experience. Ultimately, you can use the time to simply breathe and figure out what really matters in life. So let boredom be your friend, and enjoy the moments you have.

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