When considering baby names, mothers often want to find something unique and special, and usually come up with several different categories that they believe fit the description. Boy names can be particularly tricky, because many classical and popular options have become too common.

Parents tend to broaden their search and look for unique boy names that will stand out from the crowd. If you too are one of those parents, this article has put together some interesting and creative tips for you to help you find the perfect choice for your little one.

Extremely Unique Boy Names

Finding a truly rare and unique boy name can be a daunting task, but here are some ideas to get you started on the right track.

  • Aiden: A name that doesn’t follow the trend of short and easy to spell names, this is a truly unique name that is as musical as it is fresh.
  • Emerson: This is a great choice for an untraditional name that fits the trend of names that end with “son”
  • Tobin: Short, sweet, and modern, Tobin has personality.
  • Kaden: This name is rocking the popularity charts, especially in the US. It stands somewhere in between the moderns and classics.

More Unique Boy Names

  • Asher: Meaning ‘fortunate and blessed’, Asher is gaining popularity as a unique boy name in United States.
  • Leif: Of Scandinavian origin, Leif is a very unique and beautiful name, meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Bowie: A name of Celtic-Gaelic origin, Bowie stands for ‘blond’.
  • Atticus: This name has a literary reference; it hales from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Boy Names from Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman mythology are full of interesting names for little boys, many of which have interesting meanings associated with them living up to the dramatics of a huge part of the ancient world.

  • Adonis: Of Greek origin, this name stands for ‘lord’.
  • Darius: This ancient Persian name has a royal touch to it.
  • Maximus: Of Latin origin, this name stands for ‘greatest’.
  • Orion: A brilliant name, Orion stands for ‘dweller of mountains’.

Contemporary and Creative Boy Names

Looking for something cool, but not weird? Here are a few ideas that fit the bill.

  • Mano: Meaning ‘God is with us’, this name has a spiritual touch to it.
  • Maksim: Characterized as both powerful and classical, Maksim is a Russian version of the name Maximilian.
  • Rhys: A Welsh favorite, this unique yet traditional name stands for ‘ardor’.
  • Raven: A unisex name, Raven has a mysterious and majestic ring to it.

Unique Boy Names That Aren’t Overused

It can be difficult to find a good name that isn’t already taken by someone else nearby. Here are some of the more unusual and uncommon choices.

  • Amias: Of Hebrew origin, this name stands for ‘my people’.
  • Elking: An unusual name, Elking is of Scandinavian origin and stands for ‘dark haired’.
  • Thane: Meaning ‘lord’, Thane is a Scottish name of Viking roots.
  • Marzio: Of Italian origin and meaning ‘warlike’, Marzio is an uncommon name with loads of character.

Uncommon Boy Names From Around The World

For the truly adventurous parent searching for something that no one else in their immediate circle has chosen, international names can add that extra uniqueness.

  • Ismail: A traditional and powerful Arabic name, Ismail means ‘God will listen’.
  • Tanist: A very rare Welsh name, Tanist stands for ‘ruler’.
  • Waiki: Of Maori origin, this name stands for ‘arriving’.
  • Jarell: Traditionally a French name, it derives from an old Germanic name meaning ‘spear’.

Unique Name Combinations

If nothing is quite clicking yet, consider the option of combining two names to make unique name combos that have a special meaning behind them.

  • Abayan: This unique combination name is derived from the Hebrew for ‘father of understanding’.
  • Pierre-Antoine: This French combination is made up of two elements ‘Peter’, for stone and ‘Anthony’ for priceless.
  • Corbin-Max: Corbin is derived from the French element ‘corbeau’, meaning ‘raven’ and Max from Latin meaning ‘greatest’.
  • William-Andrew: Meaning ‘resolute defender’ or ‘protector of the people’, this name combines two elements; William and Andrew.

Final Thoughts on Unique Boy Names

Finding the perfect name for a little boy involves great thought. Every name has a story behind it, so pick wisely and think of the many imaginings and possibilities the name carries.

You should also make sure that your child is comfortable with the name you pick for him. As a parent, you may love the uniqueness of the name but your child may not want to be the only one in school with that name. Keep that in mind as you search for the right one.

Remember, every name has a special meaning and what matters most is that your son loves the name you give him.

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