Why You Should Ask Yourself More “This or That” Questions  

When it comes to sparking creativity, honing in on decision-making, and increasing knowledge, the power of the mighty “this or that” question cannot be understated. Asking yourself “this or that” questions help to expand your own boundaries and challenge the status quo within your own life. With a little self-reflection and exploration of your own thoughts, you can use these simple “this or that” questions to take your life in unforeseen directions that can lead to unexpected opportunities.

What are “This or That” Questions?  

At its core, “this or that” questions are a type of binary choice, forcing you to make a decision and pick one of two options. That could be selecting one of two people, places, activities or things. They’re used as a casual way to spark a conversation and to test your knowledge or opinions on different subjects. Depending on your preferences, your choice can tell you a lot about yourself or can provide insight into the values you hold dear.

    What are the Benefits of “This or That” Questions?  

  1. Encourages Creativity

By narrowing down your choices to two limited options, these questions can help to push you to come up with an original thought or to look at any given situation in a different light. Having these parameters of only two options handy can make it easier to come up with a creative solution that you may not have considered before.

  1. Develops Decision-Making Skills

The responses you make to “this or that” questions are ultimately dependent on your personal views and values. Rather than forcing yourself to make a major resolution, the simple structure of “this or that” questions helps to reduce the magnitude of the decision while aiding you to quickly make decisions in non-complex situations.

  1. Strengthens Knowledge Base

These questions often also work as a great test of your knowledge when it comes to certain topics. They can help you to devise strategies of inquiry, geared at increasing your mental capacity and giving you the assurance that you have all the information you need in order to make the right decision.

    Examples of Fun “This or That” Questions  

  1. Summer or Winter?
  2. Ocean or Lake?
  3. Thrill Seeking or Relaxing?
  4. Book or Movie?
  5. Beer or Wine?
  6. Comedy or Drama?
  7. Music or Art?
  8. Salary or Commission?
  9. City Life or Nature?
  10. Tea or Coffee?

    How to Create Your Own “This or That” Questions  

  1. Choose your topic

Choosing a topic for your question is the first step. You can make it about food, travel, lifestyle, or anything else that is applicable to your life. Alternately, you can make their own custom “this or that” question about people, places, activities, or things that you find meaningful or desirable.

  1. Decide on a purpose

When creating your own “this or that” question, it’s also important to consider what your purpose is in asking it. Consider what you hope to gain, along with any insights or understanding that you hope to gain. Ask yourself if the questions you are creating are meaningful and are helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your views.

  1. Form your question

Once you have your topic and purpose in mind, it’s time to form your “this or that” question. You can use the same format as most other questions, restricting it to two possibilities and formatting it in the form of a question. Example: “Summer or Winter?”

  1. Keep it simple

It’s important to keep your “this or that” questions as simple and straightforward as possible for the best results. Make sure to only select two opposing options that can easily be compared and contrasted. Also, try to phrase the questions so that they require only a basic yes or no answer.

  1. Make it relatable

One of the best ways to encourage other people to respond to your “this or that” questions is to make them relatable and applicable to their own lives. Consider the beliefs, values and experiences of the person you are asking the question to. Frame your questions so they can understand and provide with a response that feels meaningful to them.

    When and Where to Use “This or That” Questions  

  1. On Social Media

A fun way to get people to engage on your social media accounts is to ask “this or that” questions. Whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, or even Tiktok, these can help to spice up a conversation with the followers and the comments section can be full of interesting and varied answers.

  1. During a Face-to-Face Conversation

When talking to people in person, “this or that” questions can also be used to make it a lot of fun and also to get to know your conversational partner a bit better. It is a great way to break the ice, start a conversation, pass time, and make lasting memories.

  1. At an Icebreaker Activity

For any group activity such as a seminar, workshop, class, or club, “this or that” questions can also come in large handy. It can be used to get people to more comfortably engaging in activities, conversations and networking with one another. It’s also a great way for participants to get to know each other better and to encourage engagement.

The power of “this or that” questions is one that should not be underestimated. Whether you are using them as part of a game or to get a better understanding of yourself or another person, these simple questions can help to both spark creativity and create conversations. With a little patience and contemplation, these questions can help to get you to think about any situation in a different and fresh way in order to open up unexpected and interesting opportunities.

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