Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far 

It’s been an exciting few months for fans of the hit show Ted Lasso, which stars Nick Hornby as the titular coach of an English football club. Fans were delighted when season two arrived on Apple TV+ in July 2021, and now they’re already counting down the days until the premiere of season three. But when will Ted Lasso season three be released? We go through all the info we know so far.

Still in Early Development

At the moment, Ted Lasso season three is in early production, so a precise release date hasn’t been announced. The showrunners for the next season of Ted Lasso, Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis, said in an interview with People that they plan on taking their time to ensure the best possible outcome for the show. “We saw where the story is leading to and a lot of it is still being told,” said Sudeikis. “We just want to make sure we have time to tell it right. Will it be out in 2022? We’re not sure yet.”

Cast and Update on Filming

The cast for season three of Ted Lasso will remain the same as the first two, including actors Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, Nick Hornby as AFC Richmond Chairman, and Junichi Hiramatsu as Rupert Mannion, the club’s new accountant. Sudeikis and Hornby have both confirmed that they are currently busy with filming what is sure to be a great season.

The team may have begun filming, but they have their work cut out. Season two left off with what could have been a loss of the team’s star player, and now they have also acquired a new rival, the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. It’s sure to be an eventful new season of Ted Lasso, but when will it arrive?

When Will Season Three Arrive?

It looks like it might be a while before Ted Lasso season three is released. As Jason Sudeikis mentioned in the previous section, there is still a lot of story to tell. At the earliest, it could arrive in 2022, but that still depends on how quickly production moves along.

Fans of the show are surely looking forward to the next season, but for now, there is no official date for the premiere. All we know for now is that there will be a season three, and that it’s sure to be as thrilling as its predecessors.

Reception of Previous Seasons

Ted Lasso has been well-received by both critics and viewers alike. The show currently boasts a 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating and has received seven Critics Choice Award nominations. It has also been nominated for several Golden Globes, including the Best Television Series nomination for season two.

The show has been a hit with viewers, as well. Season one of Ted Lasso has one of the highest viewing rates of any show on Apple+ with 23 million viewers tuning in. Season two also saw a significant increase in Apple TV+ subscribers leading up to its premiere, signaling the high anticipation of its fans.

At the moment, Ted Lasso season three is still in the early stages of production. While the showrunners are aiming for a 2022 release, an exact premiere date has not yet been revealed. Fans can take comfort in the fact that the show has been widely praised by both critics and viewers, so the third installment of the series is sure to be just as thrilling as its predecessors. For now, viewers will just have to wait with bated breath for news of the Ted Lasso season three release date.

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