Planet Fitness Holiday Hours: Everything You Need to Know

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but they can also be the most confusing when it comes to planning. With stores and restaurants changing their hours to accommodate the special season, it can be hard to keep everything straight. That’s why we’re here to provide you with all the information you need regarding Planet Fitness holiday hours. Read on to learn more.

What Are Planet Fitness’s Hours During the Holidays? 

Planet Fitness understands that many people want to stay active during the holidays and they’re committed to helping you do so. That’s why they continue to offer their usual hours throughout the majority of the holiday season. Here’s what to expect:

● Planet Fitness typically stays open for regular hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.
● On Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, locations are open from 8 AM – 12 PM.

How Do I Find the Nearest Planet Fitness? 

If you’re looking to work out during the holidays and don’t know where the nearest Planet Fitness is, don’t worry. You can easily locate the nearest gym here. Just type in your zip code and you’ll find the closest franchise.

Can I Participate in Special Planet Fitness Holiday Events?

 If you’re looking to get a bit more out of your holiday workouts, then you’re in luck. Many of the Planet Fitness locations have special events during the holiday season. Here are some of the special festivities you can expect to find:

● Holiday fitness competitions
● Music-fueled workouts
● Free exercise classes
● Special discounts and promotions

Tips for Exercising Safely During the Holidays

Before you hit the gym during the holidays, here are some tips for staying safe and maximizing your experience:

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing: Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for all types of exercise.
  2. Fuel Up: Don’t let the holiday hype cause you to forget to eat. Make sure you’re adequately fueled before hitting the gym.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water: Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle and sip throughout your workout.
  4. Don’t Overdo It: Remember to listen to your body. Pace yourself and don’t push beyond your limits. If you feel like you need a break, that’s okay.
  5. Focus on Your Goals: No matter how crazy the holidays seem, stay focused on why you’re at the gym. Don’t let yourself get distracted by all the holiday hustle and bustle.

The Benefits of Sticking to a Regular Workout Schedule During the Holiday Season 

Sticking to a regular workout schedule during the holidays can be challenging, but it may be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you stay active during this festive season:

● Improves Sleep: Working out regularly helps you to sleep better and fall asleep quicker.
● Reduces Stress: Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and holiday pressure.
● Boosts Confidence: Regular workouts during the holidays can help you feel more confident and positive
● Increases Energy: Exercise helps increase energy levels and let’s you enjoy the season without feeling exhausted.

Holiday hours can make the season confusing, but Planet Fitness is here to make things easier. Their hours are very accommodating and having the chance to join special events makes the experience even better. Additionally, exercising during the holiday season can provide numerous benefits. Keep these things in mind and make the most of your seasonal workouts.

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