Outlander Season 7 Will be the Most Epic Yet — Here is What You Need to Know

As Outlander lovers around the world eagerly anticipate the return of Jamie and Claire Fraser in season 7 of Outlander, rumours, theories, and speculations about the plotline for Diana Gabaldon’s beloved series are rampant. Here is what we can expect in season 7 as fans anxiously await its release.

Outlander Season 7 – Release Date

It looks like Outlander fans will have to wait a little bit longer for season 7 to be released. The latest news reveals that Outlander Season 7 is not expected to be released until 2022. This is due to the fact that the previous season six of Outlander that was due in 2020 was pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to season seven being pushed back as well.


The cast of Outlander season 7 is expected to feature the same stars as season 6. This means that Outlander fans will be reunited with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as the iconic couple Jamie and Claire Fraser as they explore the world of 18th century Scotland. Other reoccurring cast members from past seasons will make appearances as well.


Season 7 of Outlander is likely to be a thrilling one for fans of the show. Based on the ending of the book series by Gabaldon, titled “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood,” the plot of season 7 will explore Jamie and Claire’s relationship in the wake of the revelation that Jamie has been given a premonition of his own death. In a desperate attempt to deny it, Jamie will be plunged into a conflict between America and Scotland and a conspiracy to control the new French government.


The underlying themes of the series will remain consistent, with the focus of the books being on faith, loyalty, love and forgiveness. The writers of the show have managed to capture and incorporate these themes in the storylines, while making them entertaining, relevant and impactful. They have constantly managed to surprise viewers, creating unexpected scenarios and twists that make each season more powerful than the last.


Outlander is known for its stunning visuals, stunning landscapes, and stunning costumes. From the picturesque backdrop of Scotland, to the costume designs, to the customs and cultures of Scotland, each episode is visually stunning and captures the beauty and spirit of the Scottish highlands. Fans are expecting nothing less from the visual aspect of Season 7.

Action Sequences and Fight Scenes

Outlander fans can also look forward to exciting fight and action sequences in the upcoming season. From sword fights and battles to Jamie’s legendary quickdraw gunplay, fans can expect plenty of action to keep them on the edge of their seats.


The music of Outlander has become one of its most beloved aspects, rising to popularity and becoming one of the show’s signature elements. Over the years the show has used traditional Scottish songs and compositions, with the title track “The Skye Boat Song” being a favorite of fans. These songs have become one of the key features of the show, conveying emotion and creating a vivid atmosphere.

And just like with all the past seasons, fan’s of Outlander can expect amazing musical scores and compositions by Bear McCreary, another beloved element of the show.

Cliffhangers and Plot Twists

Outlander season 7 is sure to be full of surprises, cliffhangers and plot twists, as it always has been. With a new political backdrop for the characters to explore and a new understanding of relationships that are tested and challenged, fans can be sure that there will be a few mysteries to unravel in addition to Jamie’s fate.

Overall, fans of Outlander can look forward to an amazing season 7, full of excitement, action, music, adventure, and a few surprises as well. With a release date of 2022 and a fantastic cast, this will undoubtedly be the most epic season of Outlander yet.

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