Never Have I Ever Questions: Wellness-Themed Ideas for Fun Group Activity 

Never Have I Ever is a classic game of truth or dare for groups of any size. It’s an easy way to start conversations, get to know each other, and have some laughs. With its simple rules, it has become a go-to game for family gatherings, parties, and school and work functions. The classic version of the game involves drinking, but there is a way to still make it FUN, without the need for alcohol. That’s why we’ve put together this list of never have I ever questions, that are wellness-themed. So, gather your friends and enjoy this game in a healthy and light-hearted way.

Before We Get Started 

Before you begin a round of Never Have I Ever, make sure to establish the rules— just like any other game. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

•Set a time limit – Decide on an appropriate time frame beforehand.

•Keep it fair – Make sure everyone gets to participate in each round.

•Be respectful – No matter who drinks or doesn’t, don’t make fun.

•Be honest – Everyone needs to participate honestly.

•Stay safe – Only drink if you’re of legal age, and do so responsibly.
Never Have I Ever Questions About Wellness
When playing the game, each person takes turns stating things they have not done, relating to the topic of wellness. If you’ve done the thing you said, you must drink. So, without further ado, here are some Never Have I Ever questions about wellness:

• Never have I ever drank more than 8 glasses of water in one day.

•Never have I ever tried meditation.

•Never have I ever spent more than 1 hour doing yoga.

•Never have I ever had a massage.

•Never have I ever been to a spa.

•Never have I ever tried acupuncture.

•Never have I ever tried aromatherapy.

•Never have I ever attended a Pilates class.

•Never have I ever gotten a manicure or pedicure.

•Never have I ever had a facial.

•Never have I ever practiced mindful eating.

•Never have I ever taken part in a yoga retreat.

•Never have I ever gone camping in a nature spot.

•Never have I ever gone on a hike.

•Never have I ever taken a bath in essential oils.

•Never have I ever gone on an all-day fast.

•Never have I ever taken a digital detox.

•Never have I ever had Reiki healing.

•Never have I ever used a Himalayan salt lamp.

•Never have I ever tried Forest Bathing.

•Never have I ever used a Sauna.

• Never have I ever listened to a hypnotherapy recording.

•Never have I ever tried crystal healing.

•Never have I ever done Tai Chi.

•Never have I ever practiced sound therapy.

•Never have I ever used an infrared sauna.

•Never have I ever used an ice bath.

•Never have I ever done an Epsom salt bath.

•Never have I ever organized an outdoor picnic.

•Never have I ever eaten lunch outside.

•Never have I ever gone on a retreat.

•Never have I ever used a yoga swing.

•Never have I ever tried a grounding mat.

Fun Variations to Try

When you’re done playing the classic version of Never Have I Ever, you can make your game even more fun by mixing things up! Here are some variations to try.

•Theme Variation – Pick a specific theme like travel, business, relationships, etc. Then, everyone takes turns asking questions related to that topic.

•Punishment Variation – Instead of playing the classic rules, assign a punishment of choice for each question. For example, you might pick something like singing a song, dancing, or embarrassing confessions.

•Drinking Variation – For this variation, the rules stay the same except for the fact that if you answer yes to any question, you treat the entire group to a beverage of choice.

Never Have I Ever is the perfect game to get any party started. And when you switch up the questions to focus on wellness, it’s a great way to learn new ways to keep our body and minds healthy. Plus, it’s an easy way to have some unique conversations, while also laughing and making memories with your friends. With our list of never have I ever questions, you’ll be ready to have a great time with your friends. So, get ready, set and never have I ever!

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