Grandma is a beloved moniker that typically applies to elderly women in most families. However, many families worldwide opt to call their grandmothers by different names. While there is no wrong way to refer to your grandmother, here is a list of over 20 unique and charming names for grandma.

Why Grandparents Need Special Nicknames 

Grandparents are special: they capture the hearts of their grandkids and take exceptional care of them. Plus, they often outlive their own parents, making them an even greater source of strength for children. That’s why it’s so important for families to find special title or nicknames for their grandma. Moreover, since families are becoming increasingly more diverse, it’s nice to give grandparents different names that showcase their culture’s heritage and values.

Traditional Names for Grandma

  1. Grandma
  2. Nana
  3. Granny
  4. Meme
  5. Mimi
  6. Nanny
  7. Grams
  8. Gran
  9. Granna
  10. Mammaw

Unique Names for Grandma

  1. Abuela (Spanish)
  2. Amah (Chinese)
  3. Babci (Polish)
  4. Oma (German)
  5. Nonna (Italian)
  6. Mame (French)
  7. Mormor (Swedish)
  8. Avó (Portuguese)
  9. Bànimh (Gaelic)
  10. Halmoni (Korean)
  11. Mémé (Cajun French)
  12. YaYa (Greek, African-American)
  13. Poupo (Haitian Creole)

Why You Should Find the Right Nickname 

It’s important to find the name that is best suited for your grandmother and your family. Grandmas usually find nicknames endearing and it encourages a deeper emotional connection to her grandkids. Likewise, it fosters a sense of a special identity for the bond between them. By giving a personalized nickname to grandma, you may be surprised by how integral it becomes in her relationship with her grandkids.

How to Find the Perfect Name for Grandma 

Finding the perfect name for grandma depends on a variety of different factors, such as family traditions, cultural heritage, and the personality of your grandmother. Some families find their grandma’s name by playing off the first letter of her given name or her maiden name. For example, the Irish name Nuala becomes “Nana”, while the Italian name Giovanna becomes “Gia-Gia”.

Additionally, you could find a special name based on the region your family is from. For instance, many families immigrating from the south may find that “Miss Jane” is interesting and unique for grandma due to its cultural roots. Other examples of special nickname may draw from her experiences or hobbies — like “Gardening Grandma” or “Grandma Bakes Cookies”.

Give Grandma an Unusual Name 

It’s nice to find a special and charming name for your grandma that has some kind of personal significance. There are plenty of one-of-a-kind names that may suit her well.

  1. Grandzee
  2. Gee
  3. Lammy
  4. Lala
  5. Mumsy
  6. Madre
  7. Teta (Arabic)
  8. Fafa (Burmese)
  9. Amma (Finnish)
  10. Sedi (Hebrew)
  11. Thutti (Tamil)

By considering some of these names, you’re likely to come up with a name that fits your grandmother perfectly.

Creative Afghan Names 

Families from the Afghan culture have some incredibly unique names for grandma. While “Oma” is used pretty frequently, many Afghan families have adopted an even more special name for their grandmothers. Below are 8 distinctly Afghan names for grandma.

  1. Khala-Jan
  2. Khala-Jou
  3. Khala-Joon
  4. Gavar-Jan
  5. Ustara Khanum
  6. Zaan Usta
  7. Nana
  8. Khala-Rah

Use Grandma’s Name to Show Appreciation 

Your grandma’s hard work, wisdom, and love deserve to be recognized and all these chosen nicknames are appropriate ways to display your appreciation of her. Grandmas provide invaluable counsels, support, and love through all generations. What better way to thank them than with a unique and specially-crafted name?

So, go ahead and find the perfect name for your grandma and make her feel appreciated and cherished.

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