How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Asking someone out is no easy feat. It’s normal to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement, and it is even more stressful if you don’t know whether your crush likes you in return. The signs that a girl likes you can be as subtle or as obvious as you like, and it can sometimes be hard to tell either way. Asking her directly is a straightforward way to determine if your affections are shared, but it’s best to go in with a little knowledge so you don’t get blindsided.

Identifying Interest

The most important part of deciphering a girl’s feelings for you is to determine if there is mutual interest in the first place. There are several signs that she might actually like you which can provide clues to further investigate.

  1. Body Language
    Knowing how to read body language can be invaluable when it comes to deciphering your crush’s feelings. If a girl is standing close, with her arms and legs uncrossed, and her head held up, she is likely into you. Additionally, she might touch your arm, shrug her shoulders, smile sweetly, and maintain strong eye contact.

  2. Flirting
    Flirtatious behavior can clue you in to a girl’s desires. You might catch her throwing you a wink or a quick smile when you make eye contact, or she might be playfully teasing you in conversation. Of course, flirting isn’t always obvious, as some girls are less overt in how they show their affections.

  3. Friends
    Look for any indications that your crush’s friends may give about her feelings for you. If her friends smile or laugh when you look in their direction, this could be a sign that they are aware of her feelings for you.

  4. Inviting Social Interactions
    If your crush enjoys the time that you spend together, she might invite you out to do things with her. She might even invite you to join her and her friends when they go out, as if she wants to tell everyone she knows about you.

Determining if Your Feelings are Mutually Shared

It’s best to be honest and direct with your crush if you want to know if she likes you. Here are some tips to test the waters to determine how she will respond.

  1. Plan a Date
    The best way to tell if a girl likes you is to ask her out on a date. If she says yes, you can bet she likes you.

  2. Make Yourself Available
    Sometimes it helps to make yourself available so your crush can approach you. You may want to tell her that you’ll be at an event or activity that she may want to join.

  3. Talk to Her
    Engage your crush in conversation and observe her reactions. If she is conversing with you and responding positively, it may be a good sign that she has feelings for you too.

  4. Compliment Her
    Complimenting her will let her know that you appreciate her. A nice compliment can open the conversation for more meaningful conversation and can show her that you’re interested.

  5. Use Social Media
    Consider using social media to let her know that you are interested in her. If she responds positively to your posts or likes them, this may be a sign that she likes you too.

Knowing when to Pursue

Now that you’ve identified whether or not a girl likes you, it’s important to respect her wishes. While it may be hard to wait when your crush likes you, it’s important that you give her space to make a decision. Here are some important tips to consider when pursuing a girl who may have a crush on you.

  1. Don’t Push For a Commitment
    If she is interested in you, the last thing you want to do is to push her away. Don’t give her ultimatums and don’t pressure her into a commitment. Respect her wishes, and allow her to make her own decisions.

  2. Take it Slowly
    Take your time getting to know her. Learn her likes and dislikes, and show her that you’re willing to make an effort to get to know her better.

  3. Show Her Appreciation
    Show her how much you appreciate her with thoughtful gestures, like bringing her a gift or taking her out to do things that she enjoys. This will show her that you appreciate her and will make her feel special.

  4. Be Open and Honest
    Be open and honest with her. Tell her how you feel and listen to what she has to say. Show her that you respect her wishes and feelings, and that you’re willing to wait for her to make a decision.

  5. Respect Her Decision
    It’s important to respect her decision regardless of the outcome. It might not be the answer that you wanted, but respect her feelings and try to remain friends.

It can be difficult to determine if a girl likes you. In order to find out if your affections are shared, take the time to observe her body language, listen to her words, and look for clues that her friends may give. If you think she might like you, it’s best to be direct and ask her out. If she isn’t interested in being more than friends, be kind, respectful, and try to remain friends.

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