Good Morning Texts for Him to Show He’s on Your Mind

Nothing can set the tone for a day like a sweet morning message from someone you love. Men often appreciate a little extra care and thoughtfulness, especially if it’s unexpected. Sending good morning texts for him allows you to show him that he’s on your mind as soon as you wake up, even if you can’t be together. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting something new, here are 9 thoughtful ideas of morning texts you can use to show him some love.

I Love You

When in doubt, let your man know you love him. Men can often feel like they need to make all the moves, but sometimes it’s nice to hear how deeply you care. A simple, “I love you” can make all the difference, especially if he’s had a long night and needs something to remind him that he’s appreciated and loved.

I Miss You & Can’t Wait to See You

Although phones and video chats help us stay connected all over the world, nothing can beat being in the same physical space as your significant other. Don’t be afraid to express that you miss them and can’t wait to be together again.

Complimenting His Looks

Men are constantly inundated with images of how they’re “supposed” to look and act to be considered attractive. A simple compliment on how they look can do wonders for their day and boost their self-confidence.

A Sentimental Memory Shared

A sentimental, genuine message always pulls at the heartstrings. Whether it’s a funny memory, a unique inside joke, or a sweet moment between the two of you, there’s nothing like reliving something special to start your day.

Advice & Encouragement

If you know that your partner is going through a challenging day, why not offer some words of encouragement? Empathy and understanding go a long way and can help to lift their spirits and make the day feel more manageable.

A Special Gift

Sometimes, a smile can come with a little physical reminder. From sending a funny picture to sharing a gift card for his favorite thing, sometimes it’s nice to do something special from time to time.

Light-Hearted Joke or Greeting

A sweet message is always nice, but it doesn’t have to be all serious all the time. Sometimes, a light-hearted joke or a silly greeting can get the day off to a good start without the need for the extra effort.

Talk About Your Morning

Nothing can wake someone up quite like a brief overview of your day. Tell him how your morning is going, how your coffee tastes, what the birds are doing outside your window, or what project you’re working on. Sharing a bit of your everyday life is a great way to keep the two of you connected.

Surprise Him

An unexpected surprise can totally boost your partner’s spirits. Whether it’s bringing breakfast to his job, sending a love letter, or planning a surprise party for when he comes home, the options are truly endless.

No matter what the message is, let him know everyday that he’s important to you through these thoughtful morning texts. These small messages will be sure to set the tone for the day and make him feel extra special along the way.

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