The Joyful Memories of Text-Based Games  

Text-based games, whether they date back to the 1970s or present day, have been a source of entertainment and comfort for many gamers. It’s a nostalgic feeling whenever someone is able to look back on the classic text-based titles and the worlds they could explore. To this day, there are creative, captivating, and new text-based games that can still be enjoyed with friends. We’ll explore the best text-based games to play with friends over text and how to get the most out of each game.

What Are Text-Based Games?  

Text-based games are interactive prose fiction titles that were popular decades ago and gained even more success with their incorporation in the modern gaming market. It is essentially a game style that does not involve visuals and focuses instead on descriptions of a setting and game world that the player explores to complete objectives. It’s grown to be popular in recent years due to its engaging nature and ability to transport you to different worlds with a single click.

Features of Text-Based Games  

Text-based games can come in many different forms and they all have a few things in common. They have engaging text that drives the story, as well as captivating characters, items, and worlds to explore. To heighten the experience, the game can add in some bells and whistles like music, sound effects, and artful sketches. Most games also have a good script, potentially a few puzzles, and a plethora of choices that alter the outcome of the game.

    Top 5 Games To Play Over Text  

  1. Zork

Zork was one of the earliest text-based games and is widely considered to be the game that jump-started the modern gaming industry. It was originally released in 1977 and gained popularity for its unique form of interactive fiction. Players explore an underground empire, solving puzzles and navigating mazes to progress. With its unique game world, captivating puzzles, and ever-evolving game mechanics, Zork will leave you captivated for hours.

  1. Colossal Cave Adventure

Created by Will Crowther in 1975, this text-based game was one of the first of its kind. Players are set in a fictionalized version of Colossal Cave, which they have to explore while manipulating objects, gathering resources, and being forced to make moral decisions. It is widely credited for popularizing the concept of games as physical spaces.

  1. Ad Verbum

Ad Verbum is a word-based puzzler, where players must complete a series of words to progress. Works of literature such as Shakespeare and Poe must be spun around to complete tasks. The game is split into a plethora of themes and levels, with an overall goal of solving a great riddle.

  1. A Dark Room

This game has been systematically split up into “themes”, which act as distinct levels in the game. Players navigate through a mysterious world as they progress, collecting resources and unlocking more of the game. It is a roguelike-text-based game with a unique art style that’s sure to keep players captivated.

  1. Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

As one of the highlights for modern text-based games, Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery lets players enjoy a variety of puzzles. Smart puzzles, obstacles, and items all come together to provide a captivating experience. With its stunning art style, enchanting puzzles, and a variety of characters, Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery is an engaging game that will test your puzzle-solving skills.

Advantages Of Text-Based Games  

There are a few key advantages when it comes to playing text-based games over text.

• Low-Impact Performance: Since text-based games require no hardware upgrades or graphics card update, they can be run on practically any device as long as it has a text input. This allows you to play these games on lower-end hardware and still have a great experience.

• Enhanced Immersion: With no visual distractions, text-based games are incredibly immersive. Players have to rely solely on their imagination to explore the game world and can get lost in the adventure!

• Variety: Text-based games offer a lot of choice. There are plenty of games to match any type of gamer in the sense that some may prefer logic-based puzzles while others may be chasing the experience of a classic point-and-click adventure game.

• Cost: Lastly, the low cost of text-based games makes them a great choice for budget gamers. Most of the games will only cost a few bucks.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Text-Based Games  

• Take the words seriously: Text-based games are based on description and storytelling. Don’t ignore the game’s words because it might contain some important clues that you need to progress.

• Pay attention to details: There is a lot of information available in the game text, so don’t be too quick to make a decision without checking the small details.

• Collect everything: You never know what items are going to be useful in the game so it’s important to collect everything you come across. Some items may be relevant later on.

• Take your time: Enjoy the game and take your time to explore. This is especially important when it comes to puzzles, don’t rush through them. Solving a puzzle can be satisfying and it may help you locate other important areas.

• Read the comments: Whenever you come across a game, pay attention to any community-made comments. The comments might be relevant and they might contain some helpful advice.

Text-based games may not be the latest and greatest craze in gaming but they can still be rewarding and captivating. With the help of the internet, playing retro and modern text-based games has been made easier. Even though the games don’t rely on visuals, there’s plenty of content that can be enjoyed as you explore the text. Whether it’s a nostalgic feeling or something unique, text-based games bring out emotions that no other type of game can bring.

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