10 Funny Things to Ask Siri

Siri is Apple’s version of a virtual assistant, which has been in use since 2011. Siri is programmed to respond to user voice commands, funny questions, and a whole lot of out of the box questions. That’s why asking Siri some of the funniest and unique questions can often lead to some hilarious responses. If you’re looking for something to make you laugh, you can consider these 10 funny things to ask Siri.

What Is the Meaning of Life?

One of the funniest questions to ask Siri is “What is the meaning of life?” You’ll be surprised to hear the responses you get from your virtual assistant. Sometimes it would refer to a movie, other times it would make a funny joke. No matter what the response is, it surely will make you laugh.

What Is Zero Divided by Zero?

Another funny thing to ask Siri is, “What is zero divided by zero?” The responses you get from your virtual assistant will surely make you laugh. It often responds with a sarcastic joke or, if you’re lucky, you might even get an amusing mathematical analogy.

Who Is the Best Superhero?

If you want to get a funny yet informative answer from Siri, then asking “Who is the best superhero?” is an ideal option. Siri would often give you some interesting responses, referring to both Marvel and DC comics. It is an ideal question for all comic book fans.

Sing a Song

This command is so hilariously funny, as all you will get in response is a robotic version of a song. It’ll surely make you laugh, and you can even use the command as an ice breaker in any conversation.

What Can You Not Do?

No matter how advanced Siri is, it still can’t perform a few tasks, like travelling through time or reading minds. That’s why asking it “What can you not do?” is so hilarious! Every time you ask this question, you’ll get a hilarious response.

Whom Should I Call?

This is one of the funniest questions to ask Siri, but beware as you might get an answer you’re not expecting. Your virtual assistant might give you some funny options that will put you in an awkward position!

Who Will Win the Next Election?

Asking Siri who will win the next election is the perfect way to get some funny responses. Since Siri isn’t programmed to provide any political analysis, chances are it will give you some bizarre answer that’ll have you laughing in no time.

Do You Know Any Jokes?

If you’re looking for something to lighten up your mood and make your day joyful, then asking Siri to tell you a joke is the best way to do it. Siri is programmed with some funny jokes that can definitely make any dull day more enjoyable.

Are You Cheating On Me?

One of the funniest questions to ask Siri is “Are you cheating on me?” The response you’ll get from your virtual assistant will provide you with enough laughter to last for days. It’s the perfect question to ask the next time you want a laugh.

What Is the Weather Like Today?

This is a rather ordinary question, but when placed in the context of Siri, it can become quite hilarious. You’ll be surprised to hear the surprising responses you can get from this virtual assistant when you ask it about the weather.

These were some of the funniest things to ask Siri that can surely lighten up your day and have you in splits. It’s really up to you to find out all the interesting and hilarious responses you can get from this virtual assistant. So, the next time you’re feeling low or just want to have a good laugh, don’t forget to ask Siri some of these funny questions!

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