Fun things to do in Waco

Are you looking for fun things to do in Waco? It’s the perfect destination to travel to or plan a staycation. Waco is a small city with quite a lot of activities to keep you entertained and create long-lasting memories. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, museums, shopping hotspots, good food, or festivals, Waco has it all!

Here are some of the best things to do in Waco that you won’t want to miss out on.

Outdoor Activities

  1. Cameron Park Zoo: Located near downtown Waco, Cameron Park Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Take a journey through the tropical jungles of Madagascar, see giant river otters, or go on a wild safari. There are also plenty of spots for a picnic, so bring a lunch and enjoy your day.

  2. Lake Waco: Get out on the water and explore Lake Waco, a 6-mile-long lake that offers both fishing and boating. From kayaking to tubing and everything in between, you can spend a whole day on the lake and enjoy some of the best scenery.

  3. Cameron Park: If a picnic isn’t enough, why not take advantage of all the outdoor activities at Cameron Park? Here you can enjoy rock climbing, disc golf, fishing, hiking, and outdoor concerts.

  4. Brazos River: Grab a tube and head down to the Brazos River for a day of floating and sightseeing. Enjoy the picturesque landscape and get a chance to spot some of the local wildlife.


  1. Dr. Pepper Museum: Who doesn’t love a trip to the Dr. Pepper Museum? Get a taste of history with a look at the soda that was originally invented in Waco in 1885 and learn how it has become an international sensation.

  2. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum: A must-see site devoted to the real-life heroes of Texas. From the civil rights era to the present day, learn about the brave men and women who have defended the state of Texas and the entire country.

  3. Mayborn Museum Complex: Perfect for science lovers, the Mayborn Museum Complex has an impressive collection of natural history, science and technology, and 19th century artifacts. As well as providing educational activities, the museum also organizes various events throughout the year such as special exhibits and music festivals.

  4. Texas Sports Hall of Fame and Museum: Get a look into the history of Texas Sports and learn about some of the best athletes from the state. From baseball and basketball to football and golf, the museum has everything you could ever want to know about the world of Texas sports.

Shopping Hotspots

  1. Waco Farmers Market: The Waco Farmers Market is the perfect spot for picking up locally-sourced produce and other products such as honey, eggs, and more. Plus, it’s one of the city’s best spots for people-watching. Make sure you check out their special food events as well.

  2. Central Texas Marketplace: Explore the largest marketplace in Central Texas, full of unique shops, restaurants, and live entertainment. Wander around, take in the sights, and find the perfect souvenir or two.

  3. Richland Mall: Richland Mall is where you’ll find all of the big-name stores, as well as a wide selection of boutiques and local vendors. Spend the day shopping at your favorite stores and pick up some unique finds at the shops you’ve never heard of.


  1. Georges Hot Dog: No trip to Waco is complete without a visit to Georges Hot Dog. This family-run business has been serving up delicious hot dogs for more than 50 years. Don’t forget to grab an order of the famous Nacho Dogs.

  2. El Merkury: A popular spot for Mexican food lovers, El Merkury is known for its street tacos, burritos, and queso. The best part of this restaurant is that it’s open late, so you can grab a late-night snack after a night out with friends.

  3. Vitek’s BBQ: Sit down and enjoy a plate (or two) of the famous Vitek’s BBQ. Whether you’re a fan of smoked turkey or a big fan of brisket, you can’t go wrong when you order from this busy spot.

  4. Moni’s Pasta & Pizza: Craving Italian? Make your way over to Moni’s Pasta & Pizza. All of their pizzas and pastas are handmade using the freshest ingredients, making it the perfect spot for dinner or late-night eats.


  1. BrazilFest: An annual festival celebrating the music, culture, and traditions of Brazil. Held in April, it’s the perfect way to experience the country’s art and cuisine for yourself.

  2. Juneteenth Festival: Celebrate the end of slavery with this annual festival. Featuring music, art, poetry, and more, it’s the perfect event to join if you want to honor an important part of history.

  3. Texas Summer Jam: Spend a day of fun at this summer festival. Enjoy music, art shows, food vendors, and more.

  4. Hot Air Balloon Festival: Get some amazing views with a trip to one of the most picturesque weekends of the year: the Hot Air Ballon Festival. Enjoy seeing the sights from the air or take in the balloon-filled horizon from the ground.

There are plenty of things to do in Waco, Texas. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, museums, shopping hotspots, good food, or festivals, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your time in the city. From Cameron Park to the Brazos River and from the Dr. Pepper Museum to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, exploring Waco is sure to make your trip one to remember.

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