‘It’s the First Day of Fall 2022: Here’s What You Need to Know and Do’

The start of fall is an exciting time of year for many. Not only does it mean cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage, but it also brings about a new start for activities, festivities, and for many a new chance to embrace the changing season. As we look ahead to the first day of fall 2022, here’s what you need to know and do so you can make the most of the season.

What Is the First Day of Fall 2022?

The first day of fall 2022 is on Tuesday, September 20th, when the sun enters the astrological sign of Libra. The change of season officially marks the start of autumn and everyone is getting ready for the cooler temperatures and cozy vibes that come along with it.

What Is the Meaning Behind the First Day of Fall?

The first day of fall can symbolize a lot of things, depending on what part of the world you’re in. In the Northern Hemisphere, the change of the season is associated with the harvest, cooler temperatures and soulfully cozy vibes. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks the coming of spring and warmer temperatures, as well as the beginning of longer days and plenty of outdoor activities.

What Activities Can We Do to Embrace the First Day of Fall 2022?

Whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the first day of fall brings a chance to embrace the changing season. Here are some fun activities to do when the first day of fall arrives:

  1. Pick apples – make a day out of apple picking, picking your favorite harvest apples with family or friends

  2. Go on a nature walk – explore the changing leaves, spot fall wildlife, and admire the cool temperatures

  3. Host a bonfire – gather with your friends or family to enjoy s’mores and warm drinks by a bonfire

  4. Cozy up indoors – don a blanket, lay out a snack board, turn on a movie or a cozy playlist, and make the most of the chilly weather

  5. Check out a fall festival – celebrate the changing season at a nearby fall fest to sample yummy foods, enjoy carnival rides, and explore autumn activities

  6. Get creative – dedicate some time to a craft such as leaf garlands, hand painted pumpkins, or a fall-themed wreath

What Attire Should We Wear on the First Day of Fall 2022?

When the first day of fall arrives, you may be ready to dress the part. Whether you want to enjoy autumn activities outside or need an outfit for a cozy indoor occasion, here are some clothing pieces perfect for the first day of fall:

• Hats: Embrace autumn vibes with a range of hats, from bucket hats to felt hats and maybe even a knitted beanie to stay extra warm.

• Scarves: With the cooler temperatures, scarves are the ideal choice for the first day of fall and come in a range of styles and materials.

• Fleece jackets: Whether plaid, cozy, or hooded, fleece jackets are great for chilly fall days and many styles look super cute as well.

• Boots: High boots never go out of style and are perfect for the changing temperatures. Whether you opt for hiking or ankle boots, choose a pair that pairs will with whatever outfit you decide to wear.

• Sweaters: Comfort is key on the first day of fall and sweaters come with extra coziness. Layer sweaters with jackets or cardigans to take your outfit to the next level.

What Can We Eat and Drink to Enjoy the First Day of Fall?

When the first day of fall arrives, it’s the perfect time to experiment with recipes that make the most out of the harvest season. Here are some of the best food and beverages to help you embrace the cooler temperatures:

• Apple cider: Enjoy apple cider as a hot or cold beverage – either way it’ll add warmth and sweetness to the first day of fall.

• Squash: Visitors and locals alike should give squash a try on the first day of the season – for instance, try roasted butternut squash or a creamy squash soup for a delicious and warming meal.

• Pumpkin spice anything: Pumpkin spice is a classic fall favorite and the perfect way to add sweetness to the season.

• Hot soups: As the temperature drops, try a comforting hot soup. Choose from hearty minestrone, creamy potato leek, or a traditional pumpkin and coconut soup.

• Hot chocolate: On the first day of fall, nothing beats a steaming cup of hot chocolate to help you stay warm.

• Maple syrup: For those who enjoy something sweet on the first day of the season, nothing beats maple syrup.

The arrival of the first day of fall brings a chance to embrace the changing season and to crawl back into our cozy cocoons. There’s nothing like soaking up the chill of the air and adding some classic autumn vibes to your day. From picking apples to cozy up indoors, to wearing comfy attire and enjoying delicious fall recipes, there are plenty of activities to enjoy when the first day of fall arrives in 2022.

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