Fantasy Football Team Names  

Fantasy football has become an increasingly popular way to follow the NFL. From the casual fan to the die-hard fantasy player, the number of participants in each fantasy league continues to grow. With such an audience base, it is important to have a team name that stands out and conveys the personality of the team. Selecting the perfect name is a crucial part of the fantasy football experience.

What to Consider When Picking a Fantasy Football Team Name  

When selecting a team name, it is important to consider a few key points to ensure the team stands out for the right reasons.

Creativity: Thinking outside the box is the best approach when it comes to creativity. It is important to consider what makes the team unique, or how the players or owner can be represented throughout the league.

Timeframe: Consider whether the team intends to play just one season or look towards a longer-term goal. Teams that are intended to last multiple seasons should opt for an evergreen name.

Length: When it comes to good fantasy football team names, it is better to keep it short and sweet. Too many words can make the name difficult to remember and spell.

Offensive vs. Original: Businesses and non-profits often have some creative guidelines when it comes to selecting a team name. To ensure the team is represented in a positive light and make sure it is appropriate to share, double check the name to make sure it isn’t offensive or profanity is used.

50 of the Best Fantasy Football Team Names  

To get the creativity ball rolling, here are 50 fantasy football team names to consider for the upcoming season.

  1. Gridiron All-Stars
  2. Purple People Eaters
  3. Hail Marys
  4. Touchdown Foundations
  5. Brunch With Blitzers
  6. Miracle Playmakers
  7. Super Softees
  8. Pandemonium Pigskins
  9. Sharp Shooters
  10. Nothing But Net Cutters
  11. Random Rouges
  12. Heavenly Halos
  13. Flying Fumbles
  14. Redemption Reapers
  15. Blitz Crazy
  16. Holy Rollers
  17. End Zone Animals
  18. Intentional Groundings
  19. Flagger Foes
  20. Sacking Supreme
  21. Benchwarmers
  22. Go for 2
  23. Fetal Lames
  24. Deflaters
  25. Ultimate Warriors
  26. Blitzkrieg Bop
  27. Huddle Buddies
  28. Blitzing Bandits
  29. Hit & Miss Manipulators
  30. Penalty Kickers
  31. Cool Runnings
  32. All Day Everyday Inc
  33. End Around Express
  34. Pass Em Or Blast Em
  35. Crosstown Rivals
  36. Overnight Blitz
  37. Touchdown Machines
  38. The Codgers
  39. Dooly Asks
  40. Interception Intruders
  41. Between the Pylons
  42. Off the Markers
  43. Domination Zone
  44. Free Routs
  45. Howling Wolves
  46. Hail Mary Poppers
  47. Touchdown Tutors
  48. 4th and Forever
  49. Undefeated Undesirables
  50. Fumble Art Trio

The Best Sources to Find Fantasy Football Team Names  

Have a specific theme in mind or can’t seem to find the perfect fantasy football team name? These sources offer various options and themes along with the best user-submitted ideas.

The Fantasy Footballers: Run by a team of industry professionals and a loyal community of over a million listeners, this podcast offers users to browse a catalog on the website for ideas.

Fantasy Football Team Name Generator: This tool offers tools to generate a variety of fantasy football team names. You can choose from an array of fantasy names from league-specific categories and user-submitted categories. Offering name-specific ideas for each team in the league, this website offers lists of creative fantasy football team names.

NerdBots: This website offers users to “spark ideas” through its library of over 3,000 fantasy football team names. From corny to clever, they have it all.

Cool Team Names: This website offers a variety of fun and creative names that are sure to stick out.

With fantasy football season underway, selecting the right team name is an important step to ensure the team is represented well. Consider the team’s creative approach, timeframe, length and avoid any offensive names to ensure the team name is appropriate for sharing outside of the league. With the variety of sources and ideas on the internet of what’s to come, there is sure to be a perfect name for any team.

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