The Infamous Eddie From ‘Stranger Things’: All You Need To Know

The Netflix Original hit show Stranger Things is one of the most beloved and widely acclaimed TV shows of the decade, and it inspired many people to explore the realms of science fiction and supernatural horror. One of the key characters in the show is surely Eddie, a smart and passionate high-schooler with a lot of emotional depth and a unique personality. In this article, we will discuss all of the essential information about Eddie and why this beloved character earned his spot in the show.

Who Is Eddie?

Eddie is the youngest of the four main characters in Stranger Things, alongside Eleven, Mike, and Will. He is portrayed by actor Joe Kerry, who lends his own special nuances to the character of Eddie. With his wry sense of humor, Eddie serves as the group’s comedic relief and also provides moments of gravity and drama in the show.

Eddie’s Background

Eddie is a student at Hawkins Middle School and is one of the more popular kids in the group. His family is well off, and he is described as being slightly more privileged than the other characters. His parents are supportive of his endeavors and often provide financial assistance in the form of gifts for his friends.

Eddie’s Arrival in Stranger Things

Eddie first appears in the show in an important scene at the Hawkins Middle School library as the gang searches for evidence of the monster’s activities. He is initially seen as an antagonist, but it quickly becomes evident that he views the others as his friends. In the third season, Eddie stands up to his father, leaving the house to help the others in the fight against the Upside Down creature, ultimately joining the gang and becoming one of the primary characters.

The Character That Is Eddie

As one of the main characters, Eddie is characterized as a carefree teenager with an amusing quirkiness. He is constantly displaying his intelligence with quick-witted comebacks and sharp insights. Eddie’s amiable and easygoing nature attracts viewers and allows for a lot of humorous moments in the show. He is also quite protective of his friends and takes great pleasure in tormenting bullies.

Eddie’s Love Life

It becomes apparent rather quickly that Eddie is romantically interested in one of his schoolmates, Max. While Max comes across as a punk at first, she eventually reveals her softer side and Eddie falls in love with her. Their relationship progresses over the course of the show, with Eddie slowly revealing his deepest fears and vulnerabilities to her. Max eventually returns his affections and the two become an official couple after confessing their love for each other.

Eddie’s Rap Career

In the third season of Stranger Things, Eddie embarks on a new career as a hip-hop artist. He is exceptionally talented and quickly gains a lot of attention from local media outlets. His career takes off after he releases his debut album and receives widespread critical acclaim.

Eddie’s Role in Stranger Things

Eddie is a valuable asset to Stranger Things as he provides both comic relief and emotional stability for the group. Over the course of the show he develops strong relationships with all the members of the Hawkins Middle School gang and is considered an integral part of the team.

Notable Traits

Eddie is best known for his intelligence, wit, and charm. He is also passionate and fiercely loyal, never hesitating to stand up for his friends. He often exhibits a strong sense of morality and justice, which makes him a valuable presence in awkward or dangerous situations.

Why Eddie Mattered

The character of Eddie was a major addition to Stranger Things as he inspired many viewers to expand their horizons and take risks in their own lives. His cool and compassionate nature offered an excellent counterbalance to the chaotic and often dangerous world of Hawkins, making Eddie a beloved and inspiring character.

Overall, Eddie was one of the most beloved and significant characters in Stranger Things. His smart sense of humor and passionate nature made him a perfect addition to the series and helped him to carve out his own little piece of Hawkins. Eddie’s story arc inspired viewers to be brave and follow their dreams no matter what the dangers may be.

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