7 Inspirational Cinco De Mayo Quotes

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most celebrated holidays in Mexico and the United States. Every May 5th, people celebrate with parades, parties, food, and cultural events. Celebrants often take part in the festivities with Cinco de Mayo quotes that honor the day’s meaning. Here are seven inspirational quotes to help you celebrate this vibrant holiday.

  1. “The proudest man finds his freedom when he joins the crowd and shouts ‘Viva Mexico!’” – Guillermo Prieto

Former Mexican politician and renowned poet Guillermo Prieto captures the importance of Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans. The holiday is a celebration of Mexican pride and resilience, as the people took a stand against their foreign oppressors in the Battle of Puebla.

  1. “Cinco de Mayo is asking us to remember our history, embrace our culture, and take pride in our people.” – Willie Velasquez

Willie Velasquez was a Mexican-American civil rights activist and founder of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project. He encourages everyone to remember the holiday’s roots in honor of those that fought and perished so that others could enjoy freedom.

  1. “It’s the day we were reminded of our courage, our strength and our ability to prevail against all odds.” – F. Jesus Avila

F. Jesus Avila is an advocate for social justice and an inspirer of young people. He reminds us to look back and be proud of our ancestors’ tenacity, while inspiring us to stand together in unity and continue the fight for freedom.

  1. “Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate a new chapter in our story and to remember, from where we have come.” – Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Adolfo Aguilar Zinser was Mexico’s Ambassador to the United Nations. His quote speaks to the ongoing resilience of Mexican people, encouraging them to use the opportunity of Cinco de Mayo to remember their heritage and be proud of their success and growth.

  1. “Cinco de Mayo is a time for us to focus on our rich history and culture, to recognize the people who have gone before us, and to be thankful for those who stand beside us.” – Jeremy Rice

Jeremy Rice is an American author and the founder of the Global Leadership Academy. He encourages us to celebrate the holiday with gratitude and to stand together in unity his inspiring quote

  1. “Cinco de Mayo is an experience of harmony and joy, when we come together as brothers and sisters, to appreciate all the great things Mexico has to offer.” – José Hernández

José Hernández was a Mexican-American astronaut, who was decorated with many awards, including the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal. His quote reflects the shared experience between Mexico and the U.S., celebrating the day with unity.

  1. “Cinco de Mayo is a reminder of our pride, our strength, and the power of community.” – Luna Salazar

Luna Salazar is a Mexican-American scientist and social impact entrepreneur. Her inspiring quote emphasizes the importance of Cinco de Mayo in understanding our history and inspiring each other.

Cinco de Mayo is a day to recognize and commemorate the people and events that are part of our history. It serves as a reminder of our culture and the importance of standing together in unity and pride. Celebrate and remember the day with these seven inspirational quotes. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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