Christian jokes can be a great way to spread a bit of fun and light-hearted humor while also connecting with your faith. They can be the perfect way to get a group of friends chuckling, to break the ice at church social events, or, if nothing else, to get yourself and others providing a few minutes of humorous respite in a busy day.

The Bible is no stranger to unusual, quirky and often baffling stories, and this only adds to the ridiculousness of many of the jokes. And so, it seems fitting to be able to share a collection of jokes that share in this love of humor, while still being faith-friendly. Here is a list of some of the best Christian jokes out there.

Funny Church Sayings

  1. “The first thing God created was a laugh. The next was a church.”
  2. “If church were like baseball, the sermon would be the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and bases loaded.”
  3. “What kind of money do they use in heaven? Heavens dollars.”
  4. “St. Peter used to work the golden gate — now does valet parking.”

Jokes About Prayer

  1. “Q: What do you call a bear that says grace before meals? A: A praying bear.”
  2. “Q: What did one thunderstorm say to the other thunderstorm? A: ‘Praying that we don’t get struck.”
  3. Q: What did one eye say to the other eye? A: “Between us, something smells.”
  4. (Q: Why did God take the dinosaurs away? A: He just needed a break from their praying.

Scripture Jokes

  1. Q: What job did Adam have in the Garden of Eden? A: He was a “tiller of the soil.”
  2. Q: What happened when two boards walked into a church? A: They had to sit “nail” to the service.
  3. Q: Who was John the Baptist’s mom? A: Elizabeth
  4. Q: What did Jesus say when he found out he was invited to a party? A: “Let us rejoice and be glad.”

Light-hearted Jokes

  1. Q: What did one sheep say to the other sheep? A: “Nothing, I just fleeced you!”
  2. Q: Where do angels go on vacation? A: “Cloud nine!”
  3. Q: What did the fish say when it swam into a wall? A: “Dam!”
  4. Q: Who is never hungry at a church potluck? A: The pastor—he’s already been “fed” the offering!

Philosophical Jokes

  1. Q: What did the Christian say when he was asked for some money? A: “I’m blessed to be a blessing.”
  2. Q: What did one prodigal son say to the other prodigal son? A: “Let’s go home before our father runs out of grace.”
  3. Q: What did Jesus say to the other disciples when they asked him why he didn’t have a job? A: “I am the bread of Life, and my job is to sustain you.”
  4. Q: What did the Pharisees say when they saw Jesus praying? A: “Look down upon us, O Lord, and give us thy grace.”

Minister Jokes

  1. Q: How do you make a preacher run late? A: Put him in a round pulpit!
  2. Q: What did the pastor use to open the church doors? A: A “key” sermon.
  3. Q: What did the minister’s wife think about being married to a minister? A: “It was a solemn moment.”
  4. Q: What did the minister say when a pig interrupted his sermon? A: “Let us pray.”

Parenting Jokes

  1. Q: What did the mother say when she saw her son’s report card? A: “You are the apple of my eye!”
  2. Q: What did the father say when the son asked for some money? A: “I’m sorry son, I can only give you a ‘loan’.”
  3. Q: What did the daughter say to her father when she asked him for a new bike? A: “Trust me, you won’t regret it.”
  4. Q: What did the child say to the father when asked to pray? A: “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

Christian jokes are a great way to spread a little light-hearted humor, while still expressing your faith. These jokes provide a great opportunity to bring a bit of comedic joy to any gathering or get-together, and can even help to bring people together and deepen connections. But most of all, have fun with these jokes—they’re meant to bring a little laughter. So, no matter the occasion, pull out one of these faith-friendly jokes and get your group chuckling!

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