Britney Spears Net Worth: All the Wealth Behind One of the Most Iconic Pop Stars 

Britney Spears has made a household name for herself through her iconic hits, incredible stage presence, and massive fan following. However, not a whole lot of people know about the fortune the pop star has laid the foundation for over the course of her career. Below we explore everything from Britney’s current net worth to a detailed look into exactly how she’s earned it all.

What Is Britney Spears’ Current Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Britney Spears’ current net worth is estimated to be around $59 million. While this may sound like a lot, it’s much less than comparable pop stars in the industry. Katy Perry, for example, has a net worth estimated at $330 million. While Beyoncé clocks in at an impressive $420 million.

So How Has Britney Earned Her Net Worth?

Albums and Concert Tours

Britney has released nine studio albums and started a whopping 33 shows between 1998 and 2018. Each of these albums and tours helps contribute to her overall net worth. Furthermore, some of her albums were extremely successful and were certified multiplatinum in Australia and United Kingdom for example. All this success has earned her even more money through associated concert tour income.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Britney also cashes in an impressive check through endorsement deals. Most notably she recently signed an endorsement deal with luxury fashion house Fendi as well as Candie’s Shoes. She’s also had a high-profile endorsement deal with Pepsi back in the early 2000s. All told, these deals have earned her millions over the course of her career.

Movie and Acting

In addition to starring in the 2002 feature film Crossroads, Britney has also made numerous cameos in other movies. Then there’s the Disney Channel movie “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” in which she had a guest role as herself. All of these add up as sources of income that help contribute to her overall net worth.

Other Sources of Income

Britney also has several businesses that she owns and runs. One of the most successful of these businesses is her fragrance line. In addition, Britney has her own line of doll accessories, as well as other merchandise. All these help contribute to her ever-growing net worth.

Britney Spear’s net worth of $59 million isn’t to be sniffed at. Furthermore, she’s earned her wealth not just through her music, but through a lot of other sources too. Whether it’s endorsement deals, acting in movies, or launching her own businesses, Britney has demonstrated that she knows how to use her platform to keep her super-stardom shining bright.

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