Bible Trivia 

The Bible is full of incredible stories and fascinating facts that can inspire, amuse, and challenge our understanding of faith. Bible trivia is the study of the various facts and figures of the Bible, with answers to questions typically based on specific verses or passages from the Bible. By learning about the Bible’s stories, characters, and facts, trivia enthusiasts can get a deeper appreciation for the Bible and its importance in many religions.

Who Will Enjoy Bible Trivia? 

Bible trivia can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from those of all ages in religious settings, to academics, and even general trivia buffs. Bible trivia can help religious people gain a better understanding of their faith, and also help those who are not religious understand the culture and history that is present in the Bible. It can also bring people closer together by allowing them to share their knowledge and experience when it comes to the Bible.

Types of Bible Trivia Questions 

There are a variety of different types of Bible trivia questions that can be asked, depending on your knowledge and comfort level. Some of the more common types of questions include characters and stories, books of the Bible, dates and events, geography, and quotes.

Characters and Stories 

Questions regarding characters and stories from the Bible can be asked in two different ways: either as straight questions about facts, or as “fill in the blank” questions. For example, a question might ask “Who was the first human being on earth?” (the answer being Adam) or they might ask “Fill in the blank: God created the world in ____ days.” (the answer being 6).

Books of the Bible 

Questions regarding the books of the Bible can also have two components. A question might ask “How many books are there in the Bible?” (answer: 66) or they might ask “Name the four Gospels of the Bible.” (answers: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).

Dates and Events 

Questions relating to Biblical events and dates can be as straightforward as “When did Jesus die?” (answer: 33 A.D.) or can be more complex, such as asking for the approximate dates for certain Old Testament kings.


Questions relating to geography in the Bible often focus on the location of events or on the regions that the stories take place in. For example, some questions might ask “Where did Jesus grow up?” (answer: Nazareth) and “Name the three lands in which Abraham traveled.” (answers: Haran, Canaan, Egypt).


Questions about Bible verses and quotations are fairly common as well. For example, questions might ask “What are the first words of the Bible?” (answer: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”) or they might ask “Name the first verse of the Gospel of John.” (answer: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”).

Trivia Games 

Since Bible trivia can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, there are many different Bible trivia games available. These games can be educational as well as entertaining, as they provide an engaging way to learn Bible facts. Classic board games, card games, and even smartphone apps can be found to provide hours of fun for all ages.

Tips for Playing 

Bible Trivia Games
When playing Bible trivia games, it can be helpful to first familiarize yourself with the Bible and its stories in order to answer basic questions quickly. Researching common Bible stories, verse and passages can also be of great use when playing games. Bible trivia enthusiasts should also be aware of any cultural or historical context behind certain questions, as these can help give a better understanding of certain facts and figures.

Bible trivia is a fun and educational way for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn more about the Bible and its stories. From characters and stories, to books of the Bible and geography, trivia games can help bring the Bible to life and give those who enjoy religious and spiritual studies a better understanding of the significance the Bible holds in many faiths.

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