What is an Angel Shot Meaning?

If you’ve been out in public lately, you’ve probably seen signs upon entering restaurants, cafes, bars, and other establishments that state “Angel Shot.” This has left many people wondering what, exactly, an “Angel Shot” meaning might be. In this article, we’ll answer the question of “What is an Angel Shot meaning,” and explain why establishments are displaying these signs of safety for their patrons.

What is the Origin of Angel Shot Meaning?

The idea of an “Angel Shot” has gained popularity in recent years, with the first documented sighting of such signs as early as 2017. The idea originated in some bars in Russia, where signs labeled “Ангельский выстрел” (literally: angel shot) were found. These signs were placed in response to the alarmingly high rate of sexual harassment and assaults faced by women in Russia. The idea was to encourage victims to feel safe and empowered while in public establishments.

How Has Angel Shot Meaning Evolved?

As the trend of “Angel Shots” grew, it began to expand to other countries around the world. In particular, the United States has seen its fair share of “Angel Shot” establishments pop up throughout the country, as bars, restaurants, and other public spaces recognize the importance of ensuring the safety of their patrons.

How Does an Establishment Display Angel Shot Meaning?

When it comes to displaying Angel Shot in one’s establishment, the trend is growing among many different types of spaces. An organization might choose to hang up a poster or place a visible sign upon entry of the establishment that states “Ask for an Angel Shot”. The sign should explain what the “Angel Shot” is and how it can be used if a patron doesn’t feel safe in a particular space. Many of these signs will include a list of beverages that constitute an “Angel Shot” and straightforward instructions on how to alert the staff that the shot is being requested.

What Does an Angel Shot Mean?

An “Angel Shot” is a subtle and discreet way to alert an establishment’s staff that a person feels unsafe or uncomfortable. “Angel Shots” have been designed as a code, so a patron can discretely signal to the staff that they are being harassed or in need of help. For example, if a patron orders an “Angel Shot” with a lime, the staff will understand that the person requesting the shot would like to be escorted to their vehicle.

Different Types of Angel Shots

Each establishment is likely to have its own particular “Angel Shot” menu, but most locations offer customers four different types of responses.

  1. “Angel Shot” with no lime: This indicates the patron just simply needs help.
  2. “Angel Shot” with a lime: This indicates the patron needs to be escorted to their vehicle.
  3. “Angel Shot” with a lemon: This indicates the patron needs the police to be called.
  4. “Angel Shot” with a cherry: This indicates the patron needs to be taken to a safe space.

Benefits of Angel Shot Meaning

The idea of the “Angel Shot” is to help ensure the safety and security of a public establishment’s patrons. When a patron orders an “Angel Shot”, the staff is alerted to the situation, and can then respond according to the selection chosen by the person in need of assistance. By displaying these “Angel Shots” signs in establishments, women and men alike can have peace of mind knowing that help is available if needed.

In addition to helping patrons feel safe and protected, the “Angel Shot” trend is often used to help empower the staff in taking action against instances of harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination. By having a discreet, established protocol for addressing such situations, the staff can quickly and effectively respond, giving them the tools to de-escalate any situation and help the patrons feel secure and protected.

Finally, the “Angel Shot” concept also benefits the establishments that choose to display such signs. Restaurants, bars, and other public spaces are encouraged to promote the efforts of “Angel Shot” in order to make customers feel more secure while in the establishment, and create an overall perception that the company is committed to providing a safe environment for all who enter.

It’s important for establishments to understand the concept of “Angel Shot” and what it means for their patrons. By displaying appropriate signage and advertising the meaning behind “Angel Shot,” establishments can ensure the safety of their patrons and create a space that everyone can feel comfortable in. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, or other public space, understanding and promoting “Angel Shots” can help protect your clients and create an atmosphere of respect and safety.

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