Hundreds of Millions of People Around the World Watch Zit Popping Videos  

Zit popping videos have become a popular trend on the internet in recent years. People of all ages, even those with sensitive skin, are recording and watching these videos. This strange fascination may seem strange but there is a fascinating history behind it. In this article, we’ll explore why we are so fascinated by these videos, the risks associated with them, and different tips and tricks for those who are interested in popping their own zits.

What is It About Zit Popping Videos?  

It may seem weird to some people, but zit popping videos are becoming increasingly popular and have accumulated millions of views from all around the world. A study from Penn State University found that out of 2000 people surveyed, 51% watched zit popping videos for entertainment. This number increases if you factor in those who watch these videos in an attempt to learn how to treat their own acne.

Maybe it’s because of their visual appeal or people’s morbid curiosity, but the majority of viewers watch the videos, not because they are disgusted by them, but because they are strangely mesmerizing. The way each zit is carefully prepared, extracted and the relief that follows make the viewers feel vastly satisfied.

Despite being dangerous, zit popping has become so popular that one of the most famous dermatologists in the world, Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper is renowned for her bedazzling popping videos. Moreover, you can find plenty of tutorials online and “how to” guides for those who are brave enough to do it themselves.

The Risks Associated With Popping Pimples  

While zit popping videos may be entertaining, it is important to note that this type of DIY dermatology can cause serious skin issues. Firstly and most obviously, regular and excessive skin popping can cause scarring. Even if you do pop a pimple, doing it incorrectly or too harshly could still cause permanent scarring.

Furthermore, it is also possible that pimples can become infected if extracted incorrectly. Usually, this is caused by touching the pimple with unclean hands, unprofessional instrument or any other substance. Failing to properly sterilize the area can cause the dirt, bacteria and oils to settle in the pores and create painful redness or swelling.

The most serious risks come from popping cystic acne. Cystic acne consists of lumps filled with a pus-like puss that can hurt desperately when in contact with the skin. If this puss is spread to another area, it can cause inflammation and infection in the other area as well.

How to Safely Pop A Zit  

This article is not recommending that you should pop your own zits, as the risks associated with zit popping are too high. But for those who really want to do it, here is a guide for extracting zits safely and effectively:

Prepare the Area: Before popping the zit, make sure you clean it with a gentle moisturizer and then rinse it with lukewarm water. You can also use a small towel to make sure that the area is completely clean.

Find the Right Tools: Buy or borrow the necessary tools to safely extract the zit. Special tools that can be used are comedone extractor, fine-pointed tweezers, blemish needle, and a blemish loop.

Apply Pressure: All of the tools mentioned above can be used if you press gently and slowly on the area that needs to be extracted.

Sterilize The Extractor Tool: After extracting the pimple, it is essential to make sure that you carefully clean the extractor or tweezers by washing it with soap and water, or rubbing alcohol.

Cleanse the Area: It is also important to make sure that you cleanse the area with a mild cleanser and use a light layer of moisturizer.

Despite the risks associated with popping zits, they can be a great form of entertainment. Millions of people watch these videos every day and there are even plenty of tutorials and “how to” guides to assist those brave enough to pop their own zits.

The article we have discussed extensively the risks that come with DIY dermatology, the history of these videos, why people are so fascinated with them, and how to pop a zit safely. Popping zits should not be taken lightly and it is important to consider the risks associated with it and if you really want to extract your own zits, make sure that you know and understand the guidelines for doing it safely.

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