Writing A Love Letter That Expresses Your Feelings

Writing a love letter can be a daunting task for some, especially for those that do not regularly write. Whether you are already in a relationship or dreaming of someone you hope will be yours someday soon, you may want to pen a letter that expresses your feelings. Regardless of the person you are writing to, there are several tips and ideas you should consider before sitting down to write.

Choose The Appropriate Tone

The tone of the love letter is one of the most important aspects to consider when you begin penning it. You want to make sure you have the right tone to express your heartfelt sentiments without going overboard. Some people prefer to use a lighthearted tone, while others opt to use a more sincere approach. Ultimately, the tone you choose will depend on the type of relationship you have and the desired message you want to send.

Be Yourself

When writing a love letter, be sure to use your own words and expressions. It is important that your words are reflective of your current emotions and to reference meaningful moments between the two of you. Write down elements of your relationship that you enjoy, such as inside jokes, shared experiences and happy moments. These should help you avoid the feeling of being unnatural and rigid.

Organize Your Thoughts

An easy way to get organized is to create an outline of the individual topics you want to address. This could include reminiscing about a recent trip you took, your vision of the future, how important the receiver is to you, how you felt when you first met and other specific memories of your relationship. Creating this format will also make it easier for you to keep yourself on topic.

Think through the Message You Want to Convey

With this step, you can start thinking through the actual message you want to convey in the love letter. Consider elements of your relationship, such as times when you both have laughed, the process of coming together and how your life has changed since you have been together. Write the letter as if you are speaking honestly and from the heart.

Write the Consideration Part of the Letter

This part of the letter is your opportunity to explain the reasons you are writing and what you are feeling. For instance, the opening sentence could be “This letter is for you because I am so overwhelmed with emotion and love.” Other thoughts and words to consider in this part of the letter could be:

● Thankful

● Mystified

● Desperate

● Privileged

● In love

Write About What You Respect Most

These are the things that you find attractive or attractive to be around. For example, you might write something such as, “I am so in love with your gentleness, and I appreciate the way you can listen so intently.” Also consider writing something you admire or respect, such as “You are strong yet gentle, and I admire the way you are dedicated to your work.”

Shares What You Appreciate about Them

This is the part of your letter that shows how you feel about the other person and who they are. Express to them how much you care and how much you appreciate them as a person. These are the reasons you are so in love with them and why you’d do anything for them.

Share The Things You Long For

This is the section of the letter to express what you desire in the relationship, such as a shared future, deeper connection and how much you need them in your life. You can be playful and let them know what kind of future you see and how much you desire to have them in it.

Conclude The Love Letter

At the end of your love letter, tell the person how much they mean to you and that you are looking forward to being with them both now and in the future. Close with a statement such as, “I am blessed to have you in my life, and I hope to have you by my side forever.”

Writing a love letter can be a viscerally intimate experience. You may feel exposed, worried and uncertain if you have never attempted it before. Take your time to choose your words and let the feelings take over. As long as you are true to how you feel, your words will be sure to touch the hearts of those you love.

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