What You Need To Know About Hacks Season 3 

Hacks is an American comedy series that follows renowned comedy writer Deborah Vance, played by Jean Smart, as she takes a teaching position at a prestigious comedy club in Las Vegas and goes out on the road with a novice comic, Ava. It is a show that excels in dark comedy, clever wit, and clever plotting. The third season of Hacks, which is set to come out on April 15, will bring with it even more hilarious shenanigans, surprising twists, and one-liners. Here’s a look at what we can expect from season 3 of the series.

Plot of Hacks Season 3

In season 3, Deborah and Ava will be heading out on the comedy tour to test out their comedy chops for a wider audience, as well as trying to get better at their craft. Along the way, Deborah will be trying to keep Ava out of danger — often at the cost of her own mental and physical health — while trying to figure out the consequences of her decisions from the previous year. As the tour progresses, Deborah and Ava will be facing a host of challenges and pushing the boundaries of their own comfort levels.

New Characters to Appear in Hacks Season 3

In addition to the returning characters, there will be some new faces joining the cast of Hacks. Demetri Martin, who starred in the dark comedy series Man Seeking Woman, will be playing the role of Deborah’s mentor, Abraham, who comes to the aid of Deborah and Ava during their tour. Also appearing in the show is Julie Goldman, in the role of Talia, Abraham’s daughter and Deborah’s other apprentice. With a more experienced comedic duo in tow, Deborah and Ava are sure to step up their game and bring the house down.

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Hacks Season 3

  • Sharp Writing: The writing of the show is probably one of its most impressive features. Season 2 was chock-full of witty one-liners and thought-provoking plot twists. The third season is sure to provide just as much sharp and clever writing.

  • Improving Characters: Another great aspect of the show lies in its characters. We have already seen Deborah and Ava go through some significant character growth throughout season 2. This season promises to bring even more development for both of them, as they navigate their way through the complex world of comedy.

  • Nail-Biting Drama: Hacks hasn’t shied away from intense and suspenseful drama. As the stakes get higher for Deborah and Ava, we can expect more edge-of-your-seat moments in their performances and day-to-day struggles.

  • Lovable Side Characters: Along with Deborah and Ava, Hacks is filled with a variety of lovable supporting characters. From West, the charming yet unsuccessful comedian, to Carol, Deborah’s former assistant, these minor characters have never failed to add something unique and entertaining to the show.

  • Humor and Heart: Aside from all the drama, Hacks is a show that combines both humor and heart. As comedic hijinks continue to be the driving force of the show, the series also manages to hit the right emotional notes when needed.

3 Memorable Moments From Previous Seasons

  • Deborah Disrupts Ava’s Set (Season 1): One of the most memorable scenes in season 1 was the moment when Deborah barged onto the stage during Ava’s stand-up set, to give her advice on how to handle hecklers. It was a hilarious yet heartwarming moment which highlighted their strong bond.

  • Carol and West’s Starring Performance (Season 2): Season 2 featured a delightful performance by Carol and West, as they spoofed a musical. The duo made the perfect comedy pair, and their chemistry was just as entertaining as their impeccable comic timing.

  • Ava’s Pyjama Jam (Season 2): Another hilarious moment from season 2 was when Ava decided to throw a surprise pyjama jam for Deborah. It was a fun and funny scene which showed Ava’s never-ending loyalty to Deborah.

The new season of Hacks is sure to be filled with chaotic yet endearing comedy hijinks. From complicated comedy gigs to life lessons learned, both Deborah and Ava will be sure to give us tons of memorable moments and gut-busting laughs. If you’re a fan of dark humor, clever writing and heartfelt moments, Hacks season 3 is definitely worth checking out.

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