What are the Best Fantasy Football Team Names?  

Fantasy football players spend a lot of time trying to come up with the best team names. As you know, coming up with the right team name that encapsulates your values, celebrates your victories, and demoralizes your opponents, is one of the most important parts of fantasy football. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your upcoming fantasy football team this season, then you’ve come to the right place.

Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing  

Fantasy football team names are often based on a combination of creative yet punny words, Sports Rivalry Names, Player Names, Hometown References, Historical References and Raw Emotion. To explain further, here is a breakdown of all the different types of fantasy football team names you can use:

  1. Creative Punny Names

When coming up with team names that are both creative and punny, the possibilities are truly endless. Fantasy football players even include pop culture references, movie quotes, or words that are just particularly clever. Here are some examples of some punny team names.

• Peyton Manning’s Banana Stand
• Gronky Sponky
• Laces Out
• Wright of Way
• The Fournette-ables
• 50 Shades of Clay
• Manning Up
• Sir Drops A Lot
• 4th and Gurley
• Arizona Cardinals Iced Tea
• Brees Nutz

  1. Sports Rivalry Names

One popular way to choose a team name for fantasy football is to draw inspiration from professional rivalries. Team names that reference professional rivalries get instantly recognizable and often spark other players’ competitive fire. Here are some Sports Rivalry Names that could be used in your fantasy football team:

• The Brady Bunch
• Dallas doesn’t Dance
• Belichick the hat
• The Bucking Broncos
• The Brady Bunch
• The Killer Thomas
• The Bells Are Ringin’
• Da Raiders of the Lost yards
• The Riders on the Storm

  1. Player Names

By naming your team after specific players, you can easily bring attention to your team and make it stand out. Doing this can also signal a good understanding of the sport, which can give you an advantage when picking players in your fantasy football drafts. Here are some examples of teams named after players.

• The Beckham Boys
• The Breesus Christmas Tree
• The Tagovailoa Trifecta
• The Hammond Hangover
• The Hopkins Hike
• The Hot Toddy
• The Gronk Nation
• The Henry Handoff

  1. Hometown References

A lot of times, fantasy football team names reference local landmarks, locations, and culture. All of this quickly communicates to the other participants your team’s roots. It creates an instant connection and allows you to make a statement without ever having to actually say it. Here are some hometown references that could be used:

• The Atlanta Falcon Handlers
• The New England Tea Packs
• The Seattle Seahawkers
• The Kansas City Royals Power
• The Philly Fans-tastic
• The Cleveland Brownsie Points
• The Vegas Golden Arm-ers
• The Dallas Cowboys Fans
• The Carolina Panthers Roar

  1. Historical References

Drawing inspiration from the past for fantasy football team names brings advantages. With a reference that comes from team or player names of bygone era, this can help your team stand out even more. It also signals that you are an experienced fan. Here are a few examples of Historical References you could use:

• The Super Bowl XV Champs
• Madden Roos
• Bledsoe’s Bombers
• Tom Terrific
• Colts Chaos
• Brady’s Bunch
• Starks Sanchize
• Steve’s Young Guns
• The Favre Dollar Footlongs

  1. Raw Emotion

It’s extremely common for fantasy football team names to be based on raw emotion. By naming your team something that expresses your mood about the game, it can give off the impression that you’re extremely passionate about fantasy football and you’re ready to have some dinner. Here are some examples of Raw Emotion Team Names:

• Panic in Detroit
• Full of Despair
• Couch Potato Salvage Team
• Doggone Shame
• Too Bad, So Sad
• Quitters Never Win
• Whine Cellar
• Feelin’ Good in the Hood
• Unlucky Strikes
• This One’s On Me

When Should You Choose a Fantasy Team Name?  

It’s highly recommended that you choose your team name before your fantasy football drafts. This ensures that you get to a name that you like and also saves you time, as you don’t have to worry about picking a team name when the picks start firing out.

Finding the right fantasy football team name can be a difficult task and it is something that you would want to get right. Hopefully, the examples we provided offer some inspiration, or give you a good starting point. To sum it all up, when selecting team names, you can use creative punny names, sports rivalry names, player names, hometown references, historical references, or raw emotion.

Now you have everything you need to get your team name selected for the upcoming fantasy football season. Good luck out there and may the best fantasy football team name win!

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